Recovered Engagement Ring 2017 .. Recently Found Wedding Ring 2020 ..For the Same Couple at Two Separate LA County Beaches

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)









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**** Damir called me asking if I remembered finding an engagement ring he dropped in the sand three years ago. It was late at night when he was proposing to Ellie  That night we also had the help of a police officer who provided light while I found the ring for them.

Damir was at work. This time he asked if I could help his wife, Ellie find her white gold diamond wedding ring. She was at the beach with her mother and father in-laws. She would be able to wait an hour at the location till I could meet her. 

After parking I started to call her cellphone when she walked up to me asking if I were here to help her find the ring.
We walked a couple blocks to the location on the beach. These are the most successful type calls. She knew the ring was on her finger when she arrived on the beach. She didn’t leave the area. She called for help without wasting time searching the sand. Her husband still had my contact information which also helped. 

Now all we had to do was turn on the metal detector and begin a thorough search pattern. A few minutes later we had the small size #4 white gold with diamonds wedding ring recovered from the sand. Some metal detectors struggle when trying to detect small white gold /diamond rings, especially if the are in mineralized beach sand.

She was extremely relieved to have this very sentimental ring back where it belongs. It’s impossible to replace the original wedding ring. We had a good time reminiscing the first engagement ring find several years before.

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