Surfer Loses Sentimental Silver Necklace at San Clemente Pier, Orange County, CA... Found and Returned Next Day

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* Nick was surfing at San Clemente Pier in South Orange County, CA.   He put his silver necklace into the pocket of his tee shirt setting it with his other belongings near his towel. After surfing he picked up his clothes to walk over to the showers about 50 yards away. 

When he returned to his vehicle he realized that his necklace was missing. His attempt to find it as unsuccessful. He couldn’t return the next day to search as he was working more than 100 miles from San Clemente, CA.

I got a call from Nick just before 11am the next morning. When he gave me a good description of the area of his loss, I was a little concerned because this is the busiest part of the beach. I may have too many beach goers spread out over the search area. Also Sunday night and Monday morning this part of the beach gets hunted by recreational detectorists.

I made the drive to the San Clemente Pier arriving at noon. After an hour of grid searching with my Minelab Equinox metal detector I was able to get broken signal but I sensed it wasn’t trash. One scoop with my sifter produced Nick’s silver chain. He was able to meet me the next day to retrieve his special necklace.

There were several reasons I could have put off searching for this necklace. I’ve learned to not put off starting a search. Try to stay positive even if things are looking very discouraging. Nick was very happy and amazed that we put this thing together using the inter and a single phone call. 


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