Petite Gold and Diamond Earring Lost in Beach Sand .. Found with High Tech Metal Detector .. Newport Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)










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***Kelly had dropped her small gold with diamond earring in the sand while enjoying a family beach party at Newport Beach, CA. This was one of a set of earrings that she had for more than fifteen years. A gift from a special friend and very sentimental to Kelly.

After everybody in their group attempted to find the very small earring. Kelly was given my information by someone who found TheRingFinders directory online.

They were only a couple miles from my home. Parking was provided for me in front of their garage. In the early afternoon it can take an hour to  find parking. I had not questioned them very much on the phone. I just knew it was a small gold diamond earring. I chose to take my XP Deus metal detector with the high frequency coil and a very fine mesh sand scoop. 
I was shown the small 10’x10’ area. This could be a tough one because Kelly told me it was an open earring. Also it could have been buried out of detection range by the others that had moved a lot of sand searching by hand.

It was a few minutes before I received a good signal that could be small gold. YES! Success with Kelly’s earring was in my scoop. Everybody was elated and there were several of the other people on the beach cheered on.

Basically they all just accepted that a metal detector can find earrings in the sand. They don’t know that not all metal detectors can find these small pieces of gold, especially if the earring is open. I know that it wasn’t an easy find. It makes me happy to know I have the best equipment and I have spent hours learning how to be efficient with my state of the art detectors.

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