Platinum Wedding Ring Lost in Backyard Shrubbery.. Silverlake District of Downtown Los Angeles, CA. ... Recovered by Metal Detector Man

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


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Christina found me after a google search. She asked me if I could check her floor heater vent for a ring she lost a year ago. She had the heater company look with a camera several months ago. This was an area I couldn’t use a metal detector and I’m sure the heater people had a good camera for inspection of heat ducts. Basically I told her I couldn’t do that type search after professional heater service had already looked.

Then Kristina told me that there was another ring lost in the shrubbery of her back yard. Her husband’s platinum wedding band had come off his finger last week while waving his arms. He felt the ring come off but it had to land in the landscaping shrubs because they never heard it hit the deck or cement sidewalk.

I met Kristina the next morning and she showed me both locations. I did another camera inspection of the heater vent without success. Also crawled under the bathroom floor to feel what vent ducts looked like. I advised her that the duct could be easy disconnect for a better search. I will not do that, just don’t need to liable for any damages heater system.

Next I started to use my Deus metal detector in the planter on the side of a backyard slope. I did get a faint signal but the 5”x 7” coil head could not get into the thick overgrowth. I pulled out my Garrett Pinpointer taped it to a 5 ft. pole. Probing into the thick growth I got a strong signal in the same area that the Deus had sounded off. A quick look into the bushes allowed me see a round platinum ring in the dried leaves at the base of plants. Boom! Successful recovery for Kristina and her husband. Than you for calling TheRingFinders and trusting me to search for your valuable and sentimental keepsake.

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