Lost Platinum Wedding Band Recovered Using Metal Detector at Dockwieler Beach

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


If You lose a metal valuable in the sand call Stan … 949-500-2136

*** Anthony called me after spending several hours trying to find his platinum wedding ring in the sand at Dockweiler Beach , Los Angeles county, CA.  

We didn’t talk much about the loss on the phone as one minute can equal one mile down the road. All I needed to hear was he felt it come off his finger while sitting on his towel. The other thing I needed to know was that he could wait at the location till I arrived,

I arrived at Dockwieler Beach after driving in fast moving traffic. Parking was easy as people were beginning to leave the beach. Anthony answered his phone right away, directing me to site. Within a few minutes I had his platinum wedding ring in my scoop. 

Many people just give up and walk away from their sentimental keepsake, not knowing that it can be found with the right tool (quality metal detector) and a experienced person to do an efficient search.

Anthony and his wife were very grateful and appreciative that they found me on TheRingFinders website. I had to hear again that they never knew a service like this existed.


“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “  Don’t wait call now!  Stan ..  949-500-2136

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  1. Brian Rudolph says:

    Way to go Stan! The metal detector man is the only way to get the ring out of the sand! I never get tired of your stories because you are the greatest inspiration of a living metal detectorist legend! Thank you for everything you do to help countless people!

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