Diamond Engagement Ring Lost in Sand at Seal Beach, CA. .. Foung By Metal Detector Man

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)










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*** Demi was at Seal Beach, CA. when she gave her engagement ring to her fiancé to hold while she went swimming. When she returned to their place on the beach, her fiancé had lost the diamond engagement ring somewhere in the sand.

She was given my referral by another  person on the beach. When I received the call I asked her what beach is she at. Her answer was Seal Beach. Another coincidence, I was also at Seal Beach only a block away from Demi and her fiancé.

I did have to go to my vehicle to grab my detector before meeting them 15 minutes later. As we walked to their set up on the beach they told me it could be any where around their beach blanket or chairs.

I started at the chairs with a few quick swings In  few minutes I had her precious diamond engagement ring in my scoop. Timing is important, this beach has a very efficient cleanup crew. The  ring may have not survived the sifting machine the next morning. Many people were there to witness the recovery and I’m sure they will know there is a service like TheRingFinders if they ever need help finding a lost ring.

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