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Lost White Gold Wedding Rings in Water at Baby Beach, Dana Point, CA.

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…. Carlo and his wife were at Baby Beach in Dana Point, CA. It’s a calm little bay inside Dana Point Harbor. His wife was in waist deep water when two rings slipped off her finger. Carlo was able to visually find and recover one of the rings.

He knew it was a higher tide so they got a hotel room for the night and purchased a metal detector from a sporting goods store. He figured that he could find the ring at low tide the next morning. While trying to practice with the inexpensive metal detector he realized that he had no idea how to use the detector.

Carlo found me on a internet search asking me if I could meet him the next morning at Baby Beach. When I got to the location there was another detectorist at the other end of the beach. Right where Carlo showed me the general area of the loss, there were two dig holes. He was convinced that the ring had already been found. I suggested that Carlo ask the other guy if he had found a ring and the detectorist said he had not.

I began my grid pattern just as if no other detector had worked the area. After an hour the ring didn’t show up. Carlo was beginning to think the other guy may have found the ring. I try to not let that thinking interfere with my search. Things were not looking good and I was running out of search area. Even though the tide was very low I decided to go into the water. Ten minutes of gridding in knee deep water I got that special sound of gold in my earphones. One shallow dig with my sand scoop and I had the white gold and diamond wedding ring in the scoop.

Carlo is a big serious type guy, he just lit up with a big smile and gave me a big man hug. He had told me this was the “most important”of the two rings. I thought that I was looking for the engagement ring. He believed the wedding ring was the most important. For the next five or ten minutes he just kept taking photos of the ring and looking at it in a very special way. His wife was waiting at the room where he planned on surprising her when he returned.

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