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Found Ring Returned Madison Park Beach Seattle

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

While on the hunt for another man’s lost wedding ring at Madison Park Beach I was detecting the shallow swimming area and recovered a sterling silver simple men’s wedding band. I noticed it had a 2009 wedding date inscribed inside the band. I knew this obviously held some significant value to someone. It was found in such a place that it had to be an accidental loss. Being after the hours of the lifeguard shack it took the course of a few days and several phone calls. Eventually I was able to get information from the Seattle Parks Departement that lead me to the owner a man named Alex. Alex was a bit confused at fist when I called to confirm his lost ring then he realized after I texted him a photo of his ring that I had in fact found it. We arranged to meet during his early morning commute to work. During our encounter he explained that this ring was hand crafted by a jeweler from his home country and it indeed holds a deep sentimental value to him and his family. He was very appreciative to have it back just in time for his ten year wedding anniversary soon arriving. I am thankful to have reunited this ring to its owner allowing its history of memories and new stories to continue on with Alex for many more years to come.

Watch the reunion of this lost ring to a very appreciative Mr. Alex:


Jeff Morgan