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Lost Ring Santa Monica In front of Private Beach House .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)













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***Received a call at 8pm asking for help finding a ring lost in the dry sand at Santa Monica Beach, CA. Dave’s father called me after his son and his friends spent half the afternoon searching for Dave’s gold wedding ring had come off his finger while throwing a football.

It was already dark and most the public parking lots are closed after sunset. We were lucky that they have private parking area in front of their beach house. We were still dealing with the public beach morning cleaning crews, so I set up to meet them a 9pm. If they were available to walk me out to the general area of the loss it could be an easy search. It would not be wise to wait for the next morning.

It was perfect to park so close to the location of the loss. If the private parking wasn’t available the next best option would require a long walk. 

Dave walked with me out to the main beach and it didn’t take long to find his wedding ring. He was very relieved to have his ring back where it belongs. Also, as most these quick searches go. He was amazed at how easy it seemed to be using a metal detector. I took a few minutes to explain that not all metal detectors work well in salt/ mineralized sand and metal detectors take time to learn how to use them. It’s always best to get a person that has experience using a metal detector.

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Engagement Ring Lost in the Water at Manhattan Beach, CA…Found and Joyously Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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I received an email from Kate about a ring her daughter lost at the beach the day before. It seems her daughter Nicole was coming out of the water when a large wave hit her from behind, knocked her to the sand, and with all the violence her engagement ring came off and was gone in an instant. I proceeded to inquire with my standard questions to see how likely there would be of a recovery. Kate explained what she could, and also sent me pictures, drawn, and satellite screen shots that helped define the area. Nicole was not able to be there to show me being a flight attendant, and was gone for work. I let her know that there was a possibility of a recovery, if someone had not found the ring first. I figured that I should go at the lowest possible tide, so I let Kate know I would be going at 12:00 AM to follow the tide down, and would let her know the outcome either way.

I got to the beach right about 12:00 AM and began my search. Because of the low tide there was a lot of sand to search on the slope, so I began my search slowly and methodically. There were virtually no signals, then maybe a penny, a half hour later a piece of aluminum, another half hour another penny. It was a search with little results, but I kept on with my methodical grid. I was wearing my waders, and working into the water, because of not knowing exactly how deep Nicole was when the ring was lost, and to be sure I covered all of the possible sand available. Then 2 1/2 hours later I received a good solid signal. I dug, dumped the sand, kicked it across the open sand, turned my headlight on, and there in the darkness was the sparkle of diamonds; my heart leaped. It was still there! It was now 2:30 AM. I got back to my car and immediately sent off a text to Kate with the words “I FOUND THE RING”. She slept through the early morning announcement, and contacted me later in the morning excited, and asked for a picture. She then let me know Nicole wanted to meet me and thank me personally for the recovery when she came back into town the next week, so I held on to the ring for that meeting.

The next week Nicole and Kate contacted me to let me know that Nicole would be arriving for a one day layover. Her hotel would be in downtown Los Angeles, so I asked if I could meet with her when she arrived at the airport which would be about 20 miles closer and a lot easier to get to, which she agreed to. I made sure I arrived a little early, and we were able to find each other. She even showed me the bruises she still had on her forearms from being knocked to the sand the week before. Nicole was so very happy to get back her ring that she felt was lost forever, and I was very glad to be able to be a help for her.

Kate sent the following testimonial:

My daughter was visiting Los Angeles and lost her engagement ring when she got knocked down by a wave in the surf. She was completely distraught and we tried contacting anyone we thought could help her. Totally by chance, I stumbled across The Ring Finders website and contact information for Steve Smith. With it already being 24 hours after the fact and her having already flown out of the area, I was not at all optimistic.

I sent him satellite pictures from Google maps of where she was, pictures of the ring, and told him what time of day she lost it. He immediately identified that when she lost it was at high tide and said he needed to look for it between midnight and 2 am so he would be out there looking that night. I was shocked that a complete stranger was willing to go out at midnight wandering on the beach to try to find her ring!! I was even more astounded when he messaged back that HE FOUND IT!! I can’t even begin to comprehend HOW he did it (other than he must be an absolute genius) but whatever he did, it works!!

Mr. Smith is nothing less than a true angel and we can’t begin to thank him enough!! Not only did he find a ring that everyone was certain would never be seen again but he did it in the middle of the night when he could have been home in bed asleep!! Mr. Smith, you have definitely restored my faith in humanity and proven that there are still truly good people out there who are willing to put others interests ahead of their own! The world is blessed to have people like you in it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!



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Lost iPhone in Sand .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found next Day

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

When Eva’s Celphone was lost in sand the night before her friends searched several hours, she called me the next morning. She had been visiting friends that live on the beach front in Newport Beach, CA. They have a game they play on the beach throwing weighted bags into boxes that have holes in them.
Latter in the evening she couldn’t find her iPhone. Attempts to find it that evening were not successful. Eva and her friends returned in the morning but they still couldn’t find it. They found me online at TheRingFinders.com. I was only 3 miles away, but it still took longer to find a parking space than it did to find the iPhone. It was found in the area they showed me, but probably 15 to 20 feet away from where the “Find My Phone” app showed them to look. I was careful to dig with my hands, as not to damage it trying to dig it with my scoop.
Some guys don’t like to search for phones or keys because often they are picked up by someone passing by. I usually try for anything unless too large of a search area. Example would be something lost on a 5 mile jogging work out.
As many times as I have found items of value for people, it was still a special moment to retrieve this phone for Eva. Everybody was impressed at how well a metal detector works to find something in the sand. They just don’t understand that it takes a quality detector and a lot of time to learn how to operate a metal detector. If you’ve rented or bought a detector to search for a valuable item and couldn’t find it? It may still be there and recoverable by an experienced metal detector specialist