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Lost Blue and White Diamond Ring .. Point Dume State Beach, Malibu, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Richard and Ariel had come to Malibu from Modesto, CA. for a graduation ceremony of a family member. After the event many members of the family and other friends went to Point Dume State Beach for a good old fashion beach party.
Playing volleyball on the sand Ariel felt her ring fly off her finger. This ring was very sentimental as she had helped her grandfather pick this ring to give to her grandmother many years ago. After her grandfather past away, her grandmother gifted it to her. She was devastated. Several hours of searching with their hands proved unsuccessful.
This part of the State Beach is a couple hundred feet below the cliff side with several hundred steps to access the beach. Another new beach for me, another adventure. Celphone reception is not very good. They had to hike to the top to call me.. After hearing the story, I told them there was a very good chance to find the ring, but I need somebody to stand by to show me the general area. It looked like I could meet them before it got dark.
The women left and Richard, Ariel’s fiancé stayed with four of the guys to guide me. It took about a half hour to grid the area they thought the ring could be. I was nearing the end of my grid, thinking about setting up a cross grid. Everybody was getting up tight, then a solid sound very close to the water line and 30 ft. from where they thought her ring flew off.
It was another joyous moment and I took time to get photos. A beautiful classy ring that Richard said was a blue Stone with 3 white diamonds on each side. Too nice to be lost forever in the sand because they didn’t know about TheRingFinders.com. Then they had to listen to me tell ring search stories, as we hiked up the trail to our cars. They had to return to 250 miles by car to Modesto, CA. the next day and while traveling Ariel called me to personally thank me.

Ring Lost at Trapeze School .. Santa Monica, CA. .. Found Under Pier

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Friday night Philip had been attending a session at a Trapeze School of New York located on the Santa Monica Pier. They have a place to put their street shoes and valuables. Unfortunately, when Philip retrieved his ring from his shoe, where he had put it while training on the trapeze, he dropped his palladium wedding ring on the wooden pier. It bounced and rolled right through a crack in the planking dropping 25 feet to the dry sand below the pier.
The city beach maintenance department attempted the look for the ring the next day, thinking it may have landed one of the maintenance catwalks or hung up in the netting used to control pigeons nesting under the pier. After not finding the ring the city crew suggested Philip Google search TheRingFinders.com online.
Philip contacted me explaining what happened and that he would not be available to meet me at the location, but he would be able talk to me on the phone if I had any other questions. I called him as I got close to where I thought he first described to me. He talked me into finding the location of the Trapeze school. They showed me where the ring had fallen through the pier. This pier is probably 300 ft wide and I had to take some reference points, hoping get near the exact location under the pier.
It was dark and spooky under the pier, definitely a place not to be at night. There was a lot of electrical interference with my metal detector, but I was able to tune most of that out with a few adjustments. Twenty minutes of searching was all it took to find the ring.
I sent Philip a photo of his ring and I was able to return the ring an hour later. It was great to see how happy he was to get his ring back where it belongs.

Ring Recovered .. Saturday  1-30-16

Equipment Used:  Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector

image image image image

Lost Ring in Sand Playing Football .. Newport Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)











The sun was setting when I received a call from Gary’s wife. They had been visiting friends who live on the beachfront in Newport Beach. She told me that her husband had lost his wedding ring in the sand.
When I got the call, I was detecting in Laguna Beach. It took me about 15 minutes to get back to my vehicle and another 30 minutes to drive the 13 miles to their location.
Gary was there to explain how he had been playing football, when one of the kids grabbed his hand, pulling the ring off into the sand. The area was only 30×40 ft. square. Should have been an easy search, but after cross gridding three times. It was not looking good.
Gary walked up to me, saying he had to leave. I knew that the ring was not in the location that he had laid out. Asking him where else he had been, he pointed off to the right of the place where he thought it got pulled off his finger. It was getting cold but I would not leave till I covered the whole playing area.
I started a new grid pattern at the far side of the field. Two passes, then the magic sound of a gold ring in my ear phones proved to be the missing ring. Everybody was still in the house saying their good-byes, when I walked up to the house to give them the good news.
This was a classic search. Everybody was so positive that the ring had come off after his hand was grabbed. Actually it had fallen off more than 50 feet from that event. It’s my experience that kept me searching, when they had given up hope that I could find it. Again, I was still as surprised as they were.
A very nice family and you can see the smile on Gary’s face showing he was happy to have his ring recovered. He did apologize for putting me in the wrong place. I assured him this happens often, it’s part of the challenge.