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Heirloom necklaces recovered on Mothers Day

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Mary Ann lost her heirloom neckless on the day before Mothers Day. Her Mothers wore it every day for as long as
She could remember. Mary Ann had worn it everyday since her Mother passed about 10 years prior and promised it to her Daughter. Needless to say the emotional attachment for three generations made this recovery vital. It was lost somewhere outside of their new home while major landscape work was in progress, plants were being moved, an irrigation system being installed and everything around the house was constantly being moved to accommodate the construction. The neckless was made of very fine gold and petite. Anyone whose has used a metal detector knows how difficult finding a neckless like this is, especially if it lay stretched out. Mary Ann wasn’t sure where she lost it but afraid it could have been covered by soil excavated for the irrigation pipe. I started the search in the front yard and systematically moved to the back yard, where the soil was windrowed next to the pipe ditch. So far not a single gold signal. Next step was to spread the mounded soil in about a 1 inch layers so the detector could better find the small fine gold links. After about 30 minutes I got the faintest signal, spread the soil out very thin and found the neckless. Apparently a link had either worn through or was about to break and got caught on something. Mary Ann was overwhelmed with emotion when I returned her mothers heirloom neckless. Happy Mothers Day Mary Ann!