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Lost Engagement Ring Parkland County Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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Received a call around 4 pm yesterday from Cara asking if I could help find her engagement ring which she lost Saturday evening while she was fanning moths away from her face, and away goes her ring into the bush, they spent a couple of hrs looking for it that evening with no luck then after purchasing a metal detector and spending all afternoon with no luck finding her ring, Cara goggled (lost ring) and found the Ring Finders web site and contacted me.

Told Cara I would be there with in ½ hour since I was in the area, meet up with Cara and her fiancé and they showed me the area where the ring flew off with in 20 minute I had the ring back on Cara’s finger, This ring had a huge sentimental value to them both no amount of money could ever replace.

Another very happy client.

 Thank you Cara for entrusting me to find your lost ring and your generous reward.