Moye Howard

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

My service is on a Reward basis, you only pay if the item is found.

If I have to drive more then a 1/2 hour to get to you, there will be a call out fee of $25. to cover my gas expenses if your ring is not found.

Search Types

Land and shallow water searches.

Search Locations

St. Simons Island, Fernandina Beach, Fla, Jacksonville Beach, Fla., 75 mile radius of Blackshear, GA

Moye Howard's Bio

Hi there! My name is Moye Howard and I'm 49 years young! Married 18 years with 2 children.

I love God, my family, my country, metal detecting, golf, and the great outdoors!

I've been metal detecting for over 10 years and have always loved the excitement of finding lost things. I recently upgraded to an Equinox 800. Now that I feel comfortable with the machine, I have decided to use it to help those in need of finding lost valuables.

Moye Howard - Recent Blog Post

  • Widow’s Ring Hilton Head (2022)

    I saw on FB where a ring had been lost. I sent them a message about Ringfinders and told them to call me if they would like me for me to come search. They called. Young lady lost her husband unexpectedly two weeks ago. A friend brought her to the beach to help her grief […]

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  • Lost engagement ring found (2020)

    I actually saw a post on Facebook and called the number.   I explained that I was with ringfinders and I would be happy to come look if they wanted me to. They couldn’t believe I would drive 2 hours to search for the ring. I was there for maybe 10 minutes and found a […]

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  • Diamond engagement ring found in Savannah, Georgia (2020)

    What do you do when someone calls for help and they want you to come the morning of your anniversary, you go.  After you ask your wife of course. I received a call while vacationing on Hilton Head about a lost ring.   The ring had been dropped off a dock while throwing a cast […]

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  • Lost Ring found in Fernandina Fl. Guitar player happy!! (2019)

    I parked at a beach side restaurant in Fernandina.   On the back deck there was a band playing and I recognized the lead singer.   I decided to go metal detect the beach and come back later that night to say hello. At 11:00, I came back and they were packing up.   I […]

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  • Engagement ring found in Waycross,GA (2019)

    I received a text from Hayden asking if I was the one who helped people find rings.   I called her back and told her I was and asked her details of where she was when she lost it.   I was already headed that way and told her and her husband I would be […]

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Moye Howard - Testimonials

  • We are so grateful that he found the ring... (2020)


    what a miracle!

    I called Moye at 10pm and he drove 1.5 hours to arrive at 5am the next morning at low tide

    We never could have found the ring without his professional equipment, vast experience and incredible attitude

    We are so grateful that he found the ring

    happy anniversary!