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Lost wedding Ring in lake at Ocean View Campground Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from Alex who got my name and metal detecting services information from the campground owners in hopes that I could find his wedding band he had lost about 2 weeks ago in the swimming lake. I had actually just done  a recovery in this lake earlier in the week and was confident I could locate his ring. We arrived at the lake and we entered the water in the area he lost it in while playing with his daughter. While searching he was explaining how much the ring meant to him and 12 years of marriage so he was really desperate to find it. I started to grid search the area and after digging a few coins I got a nice gold signal from my White’s MX Sport metal detector. Knowing that this could be his ring I slowing eased my sand scoop into the sand and brought it to the surface. As the sun reflected into the scoop I could see his wet beautiful diamond ring laying in the bottom of the scoop. He and his friend were totally amazed and filled with excitement with the recovery and Alex immediately said thank you! I could feel his relief and thankfulness in the hand shake and see the look on his face. The people on the beach and in the water around us just added to the moment of yet another great recovery! Recovery #95

Ring Recovery at a Local Creek for a Fisherman

  • from Bryson City (North Carolina, United States)

Got an email form Brett about a lost ring.  I contacted him and the next morning we  were able to get together.  It seems that he was cleaning fish at the creek side, and the fish slime caused his wedding band to slip off.  I made it a little harder for myself than I needed to but I finally went back to the beginning and sure enough, there was the ring.  I want to thank Brett and his wife for their kindness.  Now he can enjoy the rest of his stay here in the NC Smokey Mountains.  Please watch the video to see the whole story.

Lost Ring FOUND in Kerrville area river!

  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)

On Thursday I received a call from Brad who asked if I was able to conduct water searches with a metal detector? He told me that on the July 4th weekend he had lost his gold wedding ring while playing with his kids in the Guadalupe River near Kerrville, Texas. Brad and I talked for a while about the circumstances of the loss and the river depth at the loss location. Brad told me he was in approximately waist deep in the river and had a good idea of the location of the loss. He said there were attempts to search for the ring to no avail. As Brad lives out of town we decided to meet on Saturday morning to search for the ring. Wow, I thought, my very first call out will be water search!

Saturday Morning:

My wife, Kathy, and I arrived at the site on the beautiful Guadalupe River.  This area of the river is lined with huge Cypress trees and typically has a river rock (1/2″ to 3″ rocks) bottom. Brad was already there with family members and he pointed out the area that he was wading in when he thought he lost his ring. I asked him about the water depth and said the target area extends to just above waist deep depth. I’m glad he wasn’t a basketball player as I am only 5’9″! He explained that he was in the water and the kids were playing on the floating dock. He also said that he had kept people out of the general area to help keep the water clear. Thank you Brad!

While waiting on my searching partner (my son Shane), Kathy and I got the Garrett AT Pro out along with my other gear. I entered the river about 30′ downstream of the dock proceed to sweep out towards the river center. The water was very cool but felt great as the ambient temperature was already reaching 90 degrees. Water visibility was cloudy and a touch to the bottom stirred up silt. Within 10 feet of bank and still only in knee deep water I got a nice indicator signal on my Garrett AT Pro. As Shane was not there yet I marked the spot with a 3′ piece of iron rebar so I could easily locate the spot again. I continued sweeping into deeper water when Shane arrived with his goggles and scoop. We ventured out as far as we could (chest deep), then turned and starting sweeping back to the bank. The river bottom was really clean of iron and we got another hit. With his goggles on Shane dove down into the bottom and retrieved a good scoop of gravel.  He sifted through it not finding anything.  A further slow sweep of the suspected target revealed no indications of hits so we moved on towards the bank.

When we got even with the location I marked with the rebar I told Shane “Let’s go ahead and explore this target that I marked earlier.” I again was able to acquire a a good signal and Shane when down again. This time when he came up he had the ring on his index finger! Brad and his family were standing on the bank watching and he yelled “You got it?” “Yes, we got it!” He ran down into the water and I handed him his (not) lost ring! His smile was big but I’m sure mine was just as big. EVERYONE WAS HAPPY!

Thanks Brad for contacting me through The Ring Finders and thanks to my son Shane for being my wing man in our FIRST The Ring Finders search.

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Lost Wedding Ring in Houston, Texas (found) by John Volek

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Wedding Ring re-united with its owner after being lost in the grass at a residence in Houston, Texas.


Contacted by Damon, regarding his lost wedding ring at his home in Houston, Texas

Damon said, while sitting on his patio he had taken off his wedding ring to dry of his hands. He reported, that a few minutes later he had stood up and the ring flew of his lap and landed in the deep grass in his backyard. After searching for the ring himself, he researched the internet and found ‘The Ring Finders” and placed the call!

Check the video of the recovery of his ring!




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Equipment Used:

CTX 3030



The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service-Houston

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Lost Wedding Ring in snow in Ridgefield Park,NJ recovered by Ed Cropski

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I received a message on my Facebook page N.J. Lost Ring Finder from Samantha asking if I possibly help find her wedding ring she had lost in the snow? She stated that while throwing the dogs ball in her backyard she felt the ring fly off her finger and although she and her husband had searched for it even after purchasing a metal detector the ring was nowhere to be found. Searching the internet she came across my Facebook page and decided ask for my help as she was missing her cherished wedding ring more and more as the days went by as she had only been married a year. We agreed to meet that weekend and give it a try! Arriving at her house I was greeted by Samantha & Clint and we entered the backyard where there was still some snow covering the area but nothing like the 2 feet of it when the ring was lost the week before. I asked Samantha to reenact how she threw the ball that day and when she did I noticed that although the ball went in a forward direction the motion of her left hand was actually more to the left. I searched the cleared area where the ball landed first with no success except for a few pieces of foil and a nickel and told her I believe it’s in the area to the left where the snow covered patio furniture was stored. We moved the furniture onto the lawn area and I began my search and with minutes I received the signal I was looking for from my White’s V3i metal detector . Scraping away the snow I could see her beautiful diamond ring shinning through the snow. I turned to Samantha with my hand out to hers and handed her the ring. She immediately began crying with tears of joy and thanking me so much! What an awesome site it was to see her and her husband smiling again as she put the ring back on her finger. Another great day! Another great recovery!12651139_10205814812720103_7419576498835021565_nIMG_383112647043_10205814812840106_44745732661222980_n