I Lost My Ring, How To Find A Lost Ring

  • from Fredericton (New Brunswick, Canada)

If you are reading this, then your solution is at hand.

Most people, after losing something very precious, valuable or important to them, will Google the two title phrases. Then some think about renting a metal detector and trying to find it themselves. While that is an option, it is not the best or most efficient one.  Let me explain with a little story.

34 years ago, when I bought my first metal detector, I planned to find treasure and get rich. So out to my backyard I went and swung that detector from morning until bed. After 2 days of searching every square inch, and digging every beep, I’d found hundreds of metal bits, and $1.32.

Later in the summer, a family friend was over for dinner and, excited to see my detector in action, threw his chunky college ring into the grass. I attacked the area, proud to show off its capabilities. After 2 hrs of me searching, he took pity on me, walked over and picked his ring out of the very area I’d been repeatedly searching over.

34 yrs later, I’ve upgraded and know my equipment, and how to search properly…and I rarely miss the rings/targets anymore. I have many stories of happy people who are looking, once again, at the very item they thought was lost forever. All because they called or contacted me and let me do what I do best.

Let me help you be reunited with your lost item.

Thanks,  Steve


2 Replies to “I Lost My Ring, How To Find A Lost Ring”

  1. Tammy says:

    Lost my wedding ring in backyard

  2. Jason says:

    Good day Steve

    I found a post you made on Andree Faust post on Facebook and I clicked on your link because I have a few questions…Last year I recently purchased a Makro Racer II Pro it’s my first detector and I’ve been out detecting most of last year and found some pretty cool things on dry land and when I read the reviews its said that it was great on salt water beaches and in salt water but I took down to St John and tried it on the beaches down there and I wasnt having any luck at all, getting false reading and even missing a pure silver once bar that I put in sand myself..I set the detector to the specs required for the medium I was searching but I’m not sure if I’m setting it correctly and I have no frame of reference…From the YouTube videos they work great on salt beaches but I’m not sure if the mineral content is to high but even when I ground balance the machine and set the perimeters I’m having a hard time..I was wonder if you have any advice for a hobbiest looking to get a good start?

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