Ring found and returned at Carlsbad State Beach

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

If the sun lotion scenario is the #1 reason for losing a ring at the beach, this is probably #2. It’s the “I took the ring off and put into the chair pocket, forgot it was there, folded chair and packed everything up when we were ready to leave, drove away and then remembered the ring scenario”. Marcus didn’t get far….just out of the parking lot when he realized what he had done. He returned and searched to no avail. Out came the phone and a Google search. He found my ad on Craig’s list and gave me a call. I told him I would be there within the hour and met him at the location. We walked over the the spot where they had the chairs laid out (the most likely spot of the loss) and I started my grid. Maybe 30 seconds later, I get the sound I wanted to hear on my E-trac and scooped out his ring. A happy Marcus gets to go home, tell the wife, and not have to share the accommodations with the dog. A pleasure meeting you Marcus and thank you for the reward.


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  1. Trevor Martinez says:

    Hey , exactly what u mentioned above is what happens to me and my wife so she lost the engagement ring on the 4th of July right across the street from the tower in Carlsbad tamarack Beach . I’ve called the life guards I’ve also made a police report I’ve had no luck . I just ran arcorss ur website thought I’d shoot u a message it’s a set the main ring has a heart shaped diamond with 3 big diamonds in the heart and little ones around it with diamonds running about half way down the ring the other is a band with diamonds half way . I thought I might try jus to ask if u ran across anything matching that discription . Thank you

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