Ring lost at Ocean Beach Found.

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Bradford and his wife were visiting from out of town and enjoying a day at the beach on the 4th until Bradford lost his wedding ring in the late afternoon in ankle deep water. It disappeared into the sand and no way it would be found with the naked eye.100_1456 100_1457 They returned the next morning hoping they could spot it, but, it was not to be. They saw several people with metal detectors searching the beach that morning, but, nobody had found it. Some even tried to help by searching the target area, but, the ring didn’t show itself. Disappointed, They went home.

I got the call for help on the 6th, and, even though I thought it likely someone had already found it, I heading down to the beach to give it my best, and ease their minds that it wasn’t still just laying there. After close to an hour of carefully gridding the area and not a single target (good or bad!), I figured my assessment was correct and the area had been hammered by other detectorists. Just then, my Excalibur gave me a nice big signal, and low and behold, it was Bradford’s ring! Surprise and satisfaction for me, and happiness for Bradford. He and his wife drove down today and were reunited with the ring. A pleasure meeting you both and thank you for the reward.

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  1. Thankyou so much for searching for our ring and getting back to us so quick! It means a lot to both of us and is a very sentimental item. This is so comforting knowing there are good and honest people in the world like you! Thanks again it was a pleasure meeting you!

  2. Lynne McMullen says:

    Thanks for finding the wedding band for the kids. There are truly honest people out there.😊 Lynne McMullen.

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