Ring lost at Mission Bay found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

After returning from a trip out of state, I received a call the next morning from a distraught Mary who had lost both her wedding and engagement rings at either Mission Bay or Mission Beach. She had removed her rings and put them in a pocket for safe keeping while at the beach with her family. After several hours and a couple of different locations, she discovered they were missing from her pocket. They searched and even rented a metal detector, but, failed to find them. They talked with a kind woman that lived close by to where they were staying, who went online for help. TheRingFinders.com was recommended and they called me. I met Mary’s husband Conor at the beach by where they had rented a house for the week. They were on holiday from Ireland with their children and were supposed to leave that day, but, extended their stay hoping to find the rings before they had to leave. Conor took Mary and the kids to Sea World and then came to show me the search locations. They spent most of their time on the bay side beach, but, also had a short trek over to the ocean beach where Mary had to scale a sea wall…..another likely spot for those rings to jump out of a pocket. I started my search where they were sitting on the bay side beach while Conor went to the store and ATM. He hadn’t been gone for 2 minutes when I got a couple of great gold sounds a few inches apart right about where they had placed their beach chairs. Sure enough, the first target was the wedding band with the engagement ring a second later. It could have been a long afternoon as the search area just on this side was about the size of half a football field, and after two days had passed, it could have already been found by someone else. We got lucky this day.

When Conor returned, he saw me still detecting and figured I still hadn’t found them. I was actually just killing time until he returned. I pulled out the rings and asked if they looked familiar? He was initially dumbfounded and speechless, but, finally found his voice and thanked me profusely. The neighbor lady (sorry I didn’t get her name) saw us from her balcony and asked if we had any luck. Conor held the rings up and everyone cheered. Mary then called to check on the progress. Conor was going keep it a secret and surprise her by presenting her with the rings and a reproposal on bended knee at Sea World, but, then thought the better of it and told her they had been found. I could tell by her response that she was also overcome with emotion and had trouble getting the words out.  A pleasure to meet you Conor and with talking to Mary. Hope you both have had a great stay in San Diego and a now more pleasant trip back home. Thank you very much for the reward. If helps keep this service going.

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  1. Lois Rowbottom says:

    Mark, I am in awe of your service to those that have lost their possessions….keep up the good work !!

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