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Lost Wedding Band Weekapaug Inn Beach Westerly RI… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Relaxing in a prime vacation spot at the Weekapaug Inn Beach, Westerly RI, Dan removed his wedding band as most beachgoers would before swimming or applying sunscreen. Later that day, Dan’s summer vacation took a stumble when he realized the wedding band was missing. He immediately searched the internet for help and came across my blog entry from a couple of weeks prior, where I saved the life of a honeymooner by finding his handcrafted lost gold ring. Dan sent me an email and scheduled an appointment. I had a good feeling about this search from the beginning, mostly due to how quickly Dan called after realizing the wedding band was lost and his confidence in explaining the scenario. I searched the area where Dan was sitting, working my way back towards the path he walked the previous day. After 20 minutes of searching, I ended up finding the ring deep in the sand, only a couple of feet away from the rollout plank walkway, where Dan paused to put on his mask. This area is the primary path for the Weekapaug Inn guests to enter and exit the private beach, so the constant foot traffic caused the lost wedding band to sink quickly.

How to Find a Lost Ring in the Sand

Lost jewelry in the sand? Leave the area undisturbed and contact a professional detectorist to discuss the next steps. I serve Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and short distances into other surrounding states. If you have lost something of value, contact Keith Wille now | Call or text 860-917-8947 |

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How to find a lost ring at the beach How to find a lost ring in the sand Vacation Destination

Gold Pendant Lost in Ocean at Narragansett Town Beach RI… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Saint Christopher lost at sea… Last known location Narragansett Town Beach, RI. The 75-year-old family heirloom bearing the patriarch saint on one side and decades of family added designs on the other suddenly washed off the wearer’s neck.

Joe’s family member found me through a ring recovery Facebook post from 5 years ago. Joe and I were able to set up an evening low tide appointment. Attempting the rescue of his lost gold pendant with a borrowed metal detector, Joe quickly realized the difficulty in searching the ocean for a small gold pendant. After spending 3 – 4 hours in the water searching, Joe was eager and sincere in his call for help, which made perfect sense after learning the pendant’s significant family history. Using a metal detector in the ocean is challenging and requires specific equipment and a high level of experience, especially when retrieving small gold items. I chose this particular evening as search conditions were forecasted to decline quickly over the next couple of days. Joe and I marked off the most likely search area, and I headed out into the rolling surf. I began in chest-deep water and let the incoming tide slowly push me back towards the shore.

For the first 45 minutes or so, I almost lost my sunglasses a handful of times, which is fewer than average, so I knew the wave action was in my favor for now. I found a few pull tabs. Someone else’s lost ring, and some old metal trash. But still no gold pendant. I started to work harder at scouring the seafloor as the sunset and the wave action picked up. Running out of time and digging deep into my bank of experience, I still felt like I was missing something. Expanding the search beyond my comfort level into slightly deeper water was the only chance of finding this lost pendant. I finally heard a good signal! I had to float up, and over each passing wave, so it wasn’t easy staying on top of the target long enough to dig my scoop in the sand, but I eventually got it done. My heart stopped when the sand cleared my scoop, and I saw a golden Saint Christopher staring up at me. I flipped it over to quickly verify the family designs Joe mentioned earlier. Oh man, Joe had no idea what was about to happen. I walked up the beach and went straight for my phone, so I could give Joe the pendant and take a few photos. But before I could show him the pendant, Joe started telling me of a woman on the beach and how she approached him with a vision of us finding something. As soon as Joe said that, I hit the record button on my phone, held up the pendant, and said, “maybe she was right.” Joe was overwhelmed with joy the moment he saw the glimmer of gold! Reunited with his lost pendant, at last, he promised to keep it safe and sound until it’s time to hand it down to the next generation.


Lost Pendant in Ocean












“The pendant was given to me by my father with my favorite thing in the world on it, a car, and the patriarch saint of travel, Saint Christopher. This is also where I got my middle name. I’ve had the pendant on me until the day I lost it. You found it within an hour, and it was easily the best decision I’ve made. Now I can keep the family tradition alive and hand it down to the next generation… Well, I’ll hand it down as soon as they learn not to wear it at the beach. – Joe”


Check out this video and see the moment Joe was handed his lost pendant! 



How to Find a Lost Pendant in the Ocean

If you’ve lost a pendant in the ocean, contact a professional detectorist to discuss the next steps. I serve Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and short distances into other surrounding states. If you lost a pendant or something of value, contact Keith Wille now | Call or text 860-917-8947 |



Pendant found at beach Gold Pendant returned to owner How to use a metal detector in the ocean





















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Lost Diamond Ring Portsmouth, RI… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

“I was heartbroken… the ring could be replaced, but I also knew I would always know that my first ring, the ring that got Greg down on his knee, the ring that united us at the alter, the ring that…”

A Facebook message brought me to Portsmouth, Rhode Island, in search of a lost diamond ring. Sometimes the heartbroken ring owner knows where they lost their ring, and sometimes, they don’t. This was a situation where the ring could have been in multiple places. Kate first realized the ring was missing after pulling her hand from the chilly water while picking up a rock for her young son. This area is the best place to start because the cool water causes fingers to restrict, allowing the ring to slip right off. This particular beach was mostly golf ball size cobblestone with a few runoff channels holding more delicate pebbles and sand. Understanding how the moves things around and knowing the ring was lost only two days prior should have left the ring in plain sight. After combing the area a few times, I started to think the ring wasn’t further up on the beach closer to the entrance. Until I heard Kate and her friend talking about this particular seashell, she remembered her son picking it up. I beelined for that area, and the very first signal I heard revealed a glimmer of gold. Find found! The fine sand had almost completely buried the ring! Can you see the ring in this photo?


Lost Ring found!












Rarely passing the opportunity for a good surprise, I left the ring undisturbed in the sand and stones. With my heart pumping and fumbling with my phone camera for what seemed like ten minutes, I called Kate over to confirm the seashell she mentioned earlier. After looking down for a moment, Kate yelled out, “oh my god, there it is.” Everybody in the neighborhood knew Kate found her lost ring!


“I highly recommend Keith and his services. He is professional, easy to communicate with, empathetic, and takes a genuine caring – most importantly – he found my wedding ring within 30 minutes…”



How to Find a Lost Ring

Look for two reference points—mark the area where the ring was lost and mark the waterline. Contact a professional detectorist to discuss how to find the lost ring. I serve Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and short distances into other surrounding states. If you lost a ring or something of value, contact Keith Wille now | Call or text 860-917-8947 |


Lost Ring Portsmouth RILost Ring Portsmouth RIEveryone is smiling after finding this lost ring












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Lost Ring North Haven, CT… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

A lost ring in North Haven, Connecticut, was found by using rays of sunlight. No metal detector is needed, just the sun reflecting in the grass. Chris lost his ring while brushing crumbs from his shirt over the side of his father-in-law’s porch. Chris felt the ring fly off, and the search began. He and his family rented a metal detector and spent 4 hours scouring the grass and removing bottle caps from the bushes around the porch where the ring fell. Losing hope after not finding the ring, Chris resorted to searching for a ring finding service. When I arrived, we gathered around the search area to discuss details and figure out the best place to start searching. Shin-high bushes were the topic of our previous discussion, and I explained how the brushing motion and flicking of the hand could send the ring flying to the side and into the surrounding grass, exactly where we were standing. We were all looking down as I turned on my detector to begin searching the grass, and there it was! Chris’s father-in-law bent down and picked up a shiny object from the grass only 3 feet away from my metal detector coil. At first, I thought it was a cruel joke on Chris, but when I saw the surprise on the father-in-law’s face, I knew this was real. Maybe we kicked it up while we were walking around, or perhaps the different time of day caused the sun to reflect correctly off the ring. Either way, Chris had his ring back, and I was happy to be there for the assist!

How to Find a Lost Ring

Suppose you’ve lost a ring in the grass. Start by searching on your hands and knees. Move slowly, dividing the grassy area up into rows. Cover the most likely place, then work your way outwards beyond where you think the ring may be lost. Check the entire site multiple times throughout the day to take advantage of the sun’s different positions and the various ways light reflects in the grass. Change your search direction and rows to cover the area from multiple angles. If you need some help, contact a professional detectorist to discuss the next steps of finding your lost ring. I serve Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and short distances into other surrounding states. If you lost a ring or something of value, contact Keith Wille now | Call or text 860-917-8947 |


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How to find a lost ring in grass Metal detector rental North Haven, CT

Lost Diamond Ring Warwick, RI… Found After 2 Years!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Keith Wille – Ring Recovery Specialist. Lost your ring? Call 860-917-8947. A lost diamond ring in Warwick, RI found under a leaf pile two years later. While clearing brush, a family realized mom’s diamond ring was missing. Mom remembers having her ring on her finger early in the day but not after finishing some yard work. They checked the house and outdoor areas with no luck. They even purchased a metal detector, still no chance. Once I arrived, I quickly checked the open grassy areas first. Moving on to the wood line, I realized this search would involve some raking and brush clearing to cover the area thoroughly. Pile by pile, I cleared leaves down to the dirt and pulled old metal pieces of trash from the ground. I approached an hour of searching and ran out of possible areas the lost ring could be. I was starting to lose hope. Nearing the last leaf pile, I heard a faint signal and raked back over 12” of leaf cover. There it was, the glimmer of gold I was waiting to see. We rinsed the dirt off, and the white gold diamond ring hardly looked like it spent the last two years buried in the woods. Jim’s family was reunited with an important symbol of love just in time for Mother’s Day!

How to Find a Lost Ring

Rake any leaf cover thinly across the ground and clear any vegetation. If you have already bagged the yard debris, keep these aside to be checked with the metal detector just if the ring doesn’t turn up in the search area. Contact a professional detectorist to discuss the next steps of finding your lost ring. I serve Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and short distances into other surrounding states. If you lost a ring or something of value, contact Keith Wille now | Call or text 860-917-8947 |


How to find a lost ring with metal detector How to find a lost ring












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Lost Earring Groton, CT… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Keith Wille – Earring Recovery Specialist. Lost your earring? Call 860-917-8947. Lost earring stud found in the parking lot of CrossFit Inguz. Sam was adjusting her headband during a workout when she felt her earring stud pop out. She was able to catch the small back piece but not the stud itself. As the loyal Cross Fitter Sam is, she kept the workout going! Replacing this set of Disney Mickey Mouse earrings would not be easy. Sam loves Disney, and these sentimental earrings are the tokens that keep her close to the Kingdom even when she’s 1000 miles away. Sam knew where she was when the earring fell, so we began the search after the workout. Mickey must have gone flying because 10 minutes into the search, I ended up find the earring 30 feet from where we started. Mickey is safe and sound back on Sam’s ear, where he’ll hopefully live out the rest of his years!

How to Find a Lost Earring

Retrace your steps to the last known earring location. If you have the other earring, keep it handy to use as a reference against the search area. Periodically place the other earring on the ground and let your eyes adjust. If you need some help, contact a professional to discuss the next steps of finding your lost earring. I serve Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and short distances into other surrounding states. If you lost a ring or something of value, contact Keith Wille now | Call or text 860-917-8947 |



Lost Earring Found Groton CTEarring Found

















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Lost Ring Misquamicut Beach Westerly, RI… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Is sunrise too early to start searching Misquamicut Beach, Rhode Island, for lost rings? If you lose your ring during your HONEYMOON, no search is too early! This lost ring brought me to twelve (12) acres of land nestled within Misquamicut Beachfront, known as Atlantic Beach Park, the second oldest family-run seaside amusement park in the country. It has been providing summer fun since the early 1920s. Best known for its 1915 Herschell-Spillman Carousel and hand-carved Illions horses, people come from all over to take selfies on this old school carousel.

The Backstory:

“My wife and I (it’s kinda weird saying that because we just got married three days ago) are on our honeymoon here in Rhode Island when I noticed my ring was a little loose… It fell off, and we probably spent 6 hours of our honeymoon looking for the lost ring. My dad is a custom goldsmith, and it’s not the first ring he’s made me. He made me another ring in the past, and I lost that one but ended up finding it a year later. I was hoping to find this ring in less than a year later. I found Keith online, and he came over and found the ring in 15 – 20 minutes.”

The Search:

I answered a request early one morning after receiving a submission the night before through my website’s “Schedule Search” button. Thinking I had a couple of hours before the hearing from Brian, I continued answering emails. This lost ring must have had Brian up early because I received his phone call only minutes after sending the email. When I heard his story, I knew I had to stop everything I was doing and help find the lost ring plaguing this honeymoon. Just after 7 AM, I arrived at Brian’s Airbnb on Atlantic Ave. Westerly, RI. The best part about searching the beach in the early morning is not having to awkwardly ask beachgoers if they would mind moving their chairs so I can search the sand under them. We had the whole beach to ourselves, and I could see Brian’s work in the sand where he was looking for the ring on the previous day – along with a rock marking the area where he and his wife were sitting. Usually, when someone has a reference point of where they were when they notice the ring was missing, it’s a good sign. Making a couple of passes with my metal detector, I heard a strong signal. Brian was carefully watching me remove the sand when he caught a glimpse of GOLD. He said, “I saw it!” And he was right. I picked up the thick gold ring decorated with his father’s custom designs. This is truly one of the most beautiful rings I’ve seen personally. I don’t know of many goldsmiths, but Brian’s dad is one of only a few capable of this intricate work, if I had to guess. Brian and his wife finished their honeymoon with smiles on their faces.

The Ring Owner

“Keith was very helpful and prompt. I lost my ring, and I contacted Keith on a Monday night, and he came out and found my ring at 0720, really helping ease my mind and letting me enjoy my vacation to the fullest – Brian Walsh.”

Watch the video and see what Brian had to say about this ring search.

How to Find a Lost Ring

Mark the area on the beach where the ring was lost using an inconspicuous marker such as rock. Then, contact a professional detectorist to discuss the next steps of finding your lost ring. I serve Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and short distances into other surrounding states. If you lost a ring or something of value, contact Keith Wille now | Call or text 860-917-8947 |


How to find a lost ring How to find a lost ring How to find a lost ring












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Lost Diamond Ring Westport, Massachusetts… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Lost Diamond Ring Westport, Massachusetts

A lost ring in Westport, Massachusetts, brought me to Horseneck Beach State Reservation. Adjacent to the cow farm I was hired to search, lie hundreds of acres of barrier beach and salt marsh. As I drove through, I quickly realize why this particular area is one of the most popular in the Massachusetts State Park System. Miles of pebble stone beach overlooking Buzzards Bay make this a one-of-a-kind destination for bird watching, camping, swimming, fishing, boating, biking, and many other recreational activities. After a couple of hours of driving and a bit of tourism, I finally arrived at the cow farm to search a tomato patch for a lost diamond ring. I was greeted by the ring owner’s parents and was provided a hand-drawn map of the landmarks and activities of that dark day when the ring was lost. The loving family’s effort to find the ring and the touching backstory gave me an unbelievable drive to find what is more than just a lost ring.









The Backstory

“Sam worked with his mom and my sister to create this ring for me – the stone he chose is my birthstone, aquamarine, it’s also the color of his eyes. His eyes are a window to his soul, and every time I look at the stone, I think about looking into his eyes and my gratitude for his soul EXPLODES (and all sort of other cheesy cliche things that my heart genuinely feels for this INCREDIBLE MAN).

Sam and I hiked a quarter of a mile into a rustic cabin that we’ve enjoyed staying at before in Hope, ME, last March, right around my bday. We trudged up in 1-2 foot snow to a cabin with no heat or running water. Sam decided to hike up in his flimsy. Sneakers rather than put his boots on. In retrospect, he worried about the ring falling out of his pocket in the process of changing his shoes. We got everything up to the cabin, started a fire in the woodstove, and we began to warm our buns by the fire. Then Sam turned to me and said, “Oh no, I forgot something down at the car.” To which I responded with, “Sorry, love, there’s no way we’re going back down there.” Then he said, “Oh wait, no, it’s right here!” and got down on a knee in front of the stove and proposed to me. We both cried and enjoyed a night of reverie. I had planned to propose to him the next day, and did! A joint proposal – something I feel captures our union and partnership, the desire to have the other heard and seen.”

The Search

Luckily, the ground was clear of vegetation and stalks due to the recent tomato harvest – ideal search conditions for a metal detector. Except for the single ginormous rhubarb plant right where the X on the map marked the location where the ring was taken off her finger and placed in her bra! No sign of the ring yet as I carefully searched in-between each rhubarb shoot. I got a few signals that turned out to be lead scraps, pull tabs, and coins moving on to the remaining garden area. All of these finds are evidence the ring could still be here, even though the family already searched with a rented metal detector. In the garden center, I heard a soft signal and brushed away the top layer of dirt. Ring found! Sitting just under the surface, I plucked the lost diamond ring from the soil and proudly waved in front of the family members like a winning lottery ticket! We rinsed and cleaned off the ring for a good photo. The mom and dad made a video call to their worried daughter and revealed the good news! I think there were tears of joy, but I couldn’t tell because my COVID-19 mask was fogging up my sunglasses, and I couldn’t see anything. Another lost ring reunited with its owner!

The Ring Owner

“In a moment of immense transition – I feel I need to slow down and take a moment to appreciate my partner, my community, and Keith Wille. Sam, the most thoughtful person who has ever existed, worked with his mom and my sister to create my engagement ring. He chose my birthstone, aquamarine, as the center stone. That color blue happens to be the color of Sam’s eyes – a color I now associate with deep conversations, compassion, seeking to understand, strength, conviction, joy, and love. I lost my ring in a tussle with a tomato patch a couple of weeks ago 🍅 Unsurprisingly, Sam was massively attentive to me, my feelings and assured me that our union lived far beyond the ring. While I appreciated his reaction and that attitude… I still wanted to be able to look at my finger and see Sam’s eyes there! My community rallied 💪🏼Even though I was no longer in physical proximity of the devilish tomato patch, Margot & Finn, my mom, my pops, Susie Dorr, and Greg all returned to the scene to comb through weeds, grass, and dirt to try to find the 💍 – an object they know is such a powerful symbol of partnership and union for me! GRATITUDE The ring remained a faux tomato despite everyone’s tremendous efforts. Enter Keith Wille 🙌🏽 The man is an absolute treasure, and he finds other people’s treasures🕵️‍♂️ My mom researched Keith and went to enormous lengths to get to my fated tomato patch. Within 10 minutes he found the ring! Thank you for your skills and talents, Keith, GRATITUDE  Once more, when I’m not with Sam, I can look down at my finger and find myself comforted by his compassion, strength, and partnership 💙 If you’ve ever lost a piece of jewelry that is near and dear to your heart, check out Keith’s website

Obviously, when I lost the ring, it didn’t impact our relationship, but the symbol of true partnership is very important to me! You’ve restored that symbolism for us :)”

The Parents

“Keith Wille saved us last Sunday. Our daughter lost her engagement ring while gardening in Westport, Mass. We rented a metal detector and spent two hours searching the dirt, the weed pile, and the paths on the grass, all to no avail. Someone suggested either renting a more professional metal detector or, better yet, a professional metal detectorist. My wife did a google search, and Keith’s name came up, along with a New York Times article describing his helping archeologists find a lost historic Native American community. Keith was readily accessible and was both hopeful and helpful on the phone. He even said, “If it’s there, I’ll find it.” Keith came the next Sunday and, in ten minutes, found the ring. And he has found many peoples’ valuables in the past. And what a nice guy, to drive from Groton, Connecticut, to treat us with dignity, and to share our joy in retrieving the ring. His equipment and technique were impressive. We recommend him highly if you are in the same situation.”

Find a Lost Ring in Two Steps

First – mark the area to the best of your memory. Second – bypass the metal detector rental and call a professional detectorist. I serve Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and short distances into other surrounding states. If you lost a ring or something of value, contact Keith Wille now | Call or text 860-917-8947 |


Lost Rind Found!Lost Ring Found! Lost Ring Found!












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Lost Diamond Ring Watertown Connecticut… Found 4 Years Later!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

A lost diamond ring in Watertown, Connecticut – found four years later! A young woman lost her ring during a water balloon fight years ago. She noticed the ring was missing the next morning and spent hours searching the yard on her hands and knees – no luck. She even rented a metal detector to try and find the lost ring – still no luck. She eventually came across my contact info while searching for a professional metal detectorist. The search was scheduled shortly after receiving a text from the ring owner. I arrived, and we began walking around the yard, attempting to recall the events of that day from years ago. I searched for two hours to find multiple lost jewelry pieces, but none were the lost ring I was there to find. I finally heard a promising signal and dug up the lost diamond ring! The timing was perfect. As the owner walked up to me, offering a bottle of water, I quickly stood up, turned around, and said, “I’ll trade you a diamond ring for the bottle of water.” For a few seconds, she was speechless. Once she got over the shock, she reached for the ring, and we traded! Just when all hope was lost, and the ring was gone forever, another owner reunited with a very sentimental possession! As always, it was a pleasure to help find this lost diamond ring!

Check out this video to see the lost ring pulled from the lawn.














A lost diamond ring in your yard? Don’t waste your time with a metal detector rental, have a professional find your lost diamond ring or jewelry. Serving Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and short distances into other surrounding states, if you lost a ring or other lost jewelry, contact me now through or or call me at 860-917-8947


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Estate Search for Hidden Silver Bars in Ridgefield Connecticut Reveals a Time Capsule!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Keith Wille was hired to search an estate for hidden treasure in a cold war fallout shelter… The story behind this job begins over a half-century ago, as do many searches with a focus on fallout shelters or hidden fortunes. From the end of World War II, the mid-1940’s through to the end of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, U.S. citizens endured an era of nuclear fallout paranoia. This resulted in the rise of the survivalist mentality and the construction of the fallout shelter. A hidden fortress on your property to protect your family, contain valuables, and preserve day-to-day supplies one would need to survive. The survivalist mentality was fueled in the 1960s and 1970s when the U.S. government released the Community Fallout Shelter Program. At the start of the federally funded program, President John F. Kennedy advised using fallout shelters in a letter to the American people in the Sept. 1961 issue of Life Magazine.

With a half-century of preparation for nuclear war and the hundreds of years of U.S. history, one can only imagine the number of fallout shelters, hidden stockpiles, caches, buried fortunes, and time capsules across the nation. The International Time Capsule Society estimates there are between 10,000 and 15,000 time capsules worldwide. Through my years of working with archaeologists and being hired by property owners, I’ve been fortunate enough to find a number of these historical items throughout Connecticut and along the New York border.

I was recently hired to conduct an estate search in Ridgefield, Connecticut, including the interior of a fallout shelter built many decades ago. The job included locating an unknown number of silver bars weighing 30lbs each, valued at over $8,000 per bar with today’s silver prices. The search began with surveying the estate for all potential areas the silver bars could have been hidden. My search included possible hidden caches within the fallout shelter’s stone walls, features and landmarks on the surrounding property, and the main house’s basement. Coming up empty on the fallout shelter treasure hunt, I turned my attention to potential hidden valuables in the basement the various outdoor features of the estate. One outdoor feature was a stone wall bordering the driveway built by the estate owner’s father many decades ago. In our ongoing dialogue throughout the day, the owner recapped a memory of his father constructing the stone wall by hand and enclosed a time capsule within the wall’s center section. With the pending sale of the estate and all potential hiding places needing to be thoroughly searched for treasure, I verified the unknown treasure’s location deep within the stone wall using my metal detector. I began chipping the masonry away with a heavy-duty steel digging bar. After 30 minutes of chipping and removing stone after stone, I finally cleared a view hole down into the center of the wall. Underneath the stone were layers of wooden planks covering the hidden compartment and contents below. Hearts racing, we removed the planks piece by piece, eventually exposing plastic-wrapped containers. As we pulled the contents out one by one, it became evident that these items were not heavy enough to contain the valuable precious metal hidden many decades ago. Starting to lose hope, we were now reaching into the bottom of the stone chamber, where one final piece of the time capsule remained. Continuing to chip the hole bigger and bigger, we could retrieve the heaviest of the hidden objects from the historic cache in the stone chamber. The final piece retrieved from the chamber included a deteriorated metal box containing two handguns, with holsters, and a stockpile of ammunition! The estate search was complete with one final gift from the survivalist who wanted nothing more than his family to access the essentials in a time of crisis. In total, the time capsule contained two containers of wheat germ, two containers of beans, a bible, hats, mittens, a pocket knife, two boxes of ammunition, and two handguns. We determined through my estate search that the hidden silver bars were not located on this property, and the owner was able to sell the property with no secrets left behind.


“Thanks for a great job with the treasure hunt. Talk about staying focused and eye on the prize. I can’t think of anything we didn’t cover at the Estate Search. Tremendous Job.”

With 10,000 – 15,000 time capsules worldwide, could there be a lost time capsule buried or hidden on your property? Don’t waste your time with borrowing or renting a metal detector, have a professional member of The Ring Finders search your estate. Serving Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and short distances into other surrounding states, contact me now through or or call me 860-917-8947.



































































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