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Lost Ring West Beach, Charlestown, RI… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

A Lost Ring at the Beach – How to Find my Ring in the Sand! Ruth lost her ring at the same beach where she married 13 years ago! Ruth took off her three rings to apply suntan lotion and placed the rings in her beach bag. She carried on with her day, forgetting to put the rings back on her finder. A couple of hours later, Ruth realized she had removed her cover-up and t-shirt from her beach bag. Ruth searched her belongings for the forgotten rings in a scramble and found two of the three lost rings. The most meaningful ring, her diamond wedding band, was missing. Ruth contacted me, and we were able to meet on the beach later that day. Within a few minutes of searching the sand for the lost ring with my metal detector, Ruth’s ring was back on her finger!

How to Find a Lost Ring

Lost ring at the beach? Rings are lost at the beach all the time – Don’t waste your time renting or borrowing a metal detector. Stop and mark the area where you believe the ring was lost and call a professional. My jewelry finding service covers Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and other surrounding states.

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