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Lost Ring 8 Carats of Diamond and Sapphire Eastern Point Beach, Groton CT… Found!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

Wayne’s Barber Shop is a contemporary hotspot with the most attention to detail haircut on the east coast. A loss like this one would be devastating to any atmosphere as cool as this one – finding and returning this ring was an extremely important task. One Sunday evening in late July 2017 I received a message from my friend and owner of Wayne’s Barber Shop, Groton, CT regarding his lost ring with a circa 1910 3¾ carat diamond and 2¼ carat sapphires. He was cooling off in the water at Eastern Point Beach, Groton CT when one of his most sentimental pieces of jewelry dropped into the waist deep water. It took a minute for the reality of losing his ring to sink in. After desperately searching by hand while at the same time trying to avoid drawing the attention of the other beach goers, he realized the ring was lost. Thinking quickly, he didn’t want to lose the location of the lost ring so he used his foot to mark a line as he exited the water into the dry sand. Getting back to the beach chair, he immediately contacted a couple different people. He contacted me, sent a message to his brother (who had a mask and snorkel) and he even contacted the ring designer, Mystic Gem Company of Mystic CT.  Within the hour we were all standing on the beach together discussing the details of how this very special diamond and sapphire ring was lost. His location on the beach where he entered the water was marked by his line in the sand and the distance off the beach was noted by his memory of the waist deep water. We determined the tide was going out so the lost ring would be in shallower water at this point. He waited patiently on the beach as his brother finished up the snorkel and mask search and I began searching with a metal detector. With an eager crowd starting to form on the beach, the pressure was on as I retrieved bottle caps, pull tabs, and other items discarded by past beach goers. After 20 minutes of searching I pulled a scoop of rocks from the knee-deep water and gently dumped it onto the beach. Someone yelled, “there it is!” I’ve see a lot of rings, but the ring that rolled out of my scoop this time was the most stunning piece of jewelry I’d ever seen. Another lost ring found and reunited with its owner!

Lost a piece jewelry on the beach? Lost a ring in the tidal area where the water level changes throughout the day? If a ring is lost in the surf, use physical reference to mark two key points: mark the location along the beach and mark the distance out into the water from the beach. Jewelry is commonly lost during our favorite summer time activities. Don’t waste your time with a metal detector rental or with a local hobbyist, have a professional member of The Ring Finders find you lost ring or jewelry. If you lost a piece of jewelry, contact me now through or













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Lost Diamond Ring Misquamicut State Beach, Westerly, RI… Found!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

A beach goer lost her heirloom diamond ring at Misquamicut Beach, RI late July 2017. By the time she realized the ring was forgotten on her beach towel, it was already too late. Digging in the sand with your hands to retrieve a ring is a near impossible task. However, when your deeply value possession disappears, you have to try something! After a good hand digging effort and even recruiting a local metal detectorist who was scouring the beach for lost jewelry, the woman thought her grandmother’s lost ring was gone forever…

A week had passed and time was running out. A lost ring remains in the sand until mother nature or another metal detectorist with the right equipment comes along and ruins all chances of return to its rightful owner. The woman finally came up with the idea to search the web for “ring finding service” and my info came right up. After a quick discussion explaining of details surrounding her lost ring, we agreed on a date to conduct the search. I arrived at the location first to find multiple beach goers still soaking up the late evening rays. I decided to get started with the search ahead of her arrival base her description the lost ring’s approximate location. She did a great job of explaining where she was sitting that day because after only 30 minutes of searching, 20 bottle caps, and pissing off half of the beach goers, I was holding the diamond ring she thought was gone forever! Another lost ring found and reunited with its owner.















At this point, I was in possession of the lost ring and the unsuspecting owner still hadn’t arrived… What would be an unforgettable way to return a highly value possession? The fake out of course!!! Check out the YouTube video below to see her shocked response!



Lost a piece of jewelry on the beach? Lost a ring in the water? Jewelry is commonly lost during our favorite summer time activities. Don’t waste your time with a metal detector rental or with a local hobbyist, have a professional member of The Ring Finders find you lost ring or jewelry. I serve Connecticut and surrounding states. If you lost a piece of jewelry, contact me now through or


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Lost Ring Seaside State Park, Waterford, CT… Found!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

A sterling spoon ring was lost while a young lady was throwing a ball in the water with family. The ring slipped off just as the ball hit her hand. This was an irreplaceable ring, handed down from her significant other’s grandmother!

Luckily, I’m good friends with the young lady and live nearby the beach where the ring was lost. That same evening, we were able to meet at the beach where the ring last lost. Unfortunately, the tide was much higher in the evening than it was earlier in the day. When waist deep water turns into neck deep water it makes for a difficult search! After a couple of hours of finding pull tabs and bottle caps, I retrieved my scoop from the neck deep water and saw a shiny spoon handle mixed in with the shells and rocks. It was the heirloom spoon ring! Another lost ring found in the ocean and reunited with its owner!


Sterling Spoon Ring


Ring Search

Group Photo!













Lost a piece of jewelry shaking the sand out of your towel? Lost a ring in the shallow beach water? Jewelry is commonly lost during our favorite summer time activities. Don’t waste your time with a metal detector rental, have a member of The Ring Finders find you lost ring or jewelry. I serve Connecticut and surrounding states. If you lost a piece of jewelry, contact me now through or


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Lost Ring While Washing Dog in Westerly, RI… Found!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

A woman recently contacted me to discuss a ring she lost while playing with her dog in Westerly, RI. The last memory of her lost ring was from Father’s Day earlier in the week.

Once I arrived, we began walking around the yard discussing the number of places she could have lost the ring while playing fetch and bathing her dog. The ring search began at the hose where she bathed the family dog. Just as I finished searching the grassy area where the dog was getting bathed, the owner of the ring asked me to check the bushes where the hose connected to the house. An immediate signal rang through the metal detector just under one of the bushes. I brushed aside a few wood chips and there it was! Another lost ring handed down from generation to generation was found and reunited with its owner!











Lost a piece of jewelry while in your yard or public place such as Westerly, RI beach? Jewelry is commonly lost during our favorite summer time activities. Don’t waste your time renting a metal detector, have a member of The Ring Finders find you lost ring or jewelry. I serve Connecticut and commonly travel to Rhode Island. If you lost a piece of jewelry, contact me now through or or call (252) 775-1307.

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Lost Ring at Smith Farm Fields in Northampton, MA… Found!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

Mrs. Volberg contacted me to discuss a ring she lost while walking her dog after a large snow storm in Northampton, Massachusetts. The last memory of her lost ring was from earlier that morning just before she put on her gloves to go to Smith Farm Fields.

We began searching a number of places she stopped to let her dog off leash. One place in particular she remembers the dog getting startled due to a cross-country skier. She remembers removing her gloves during the commotion – glove removal is a common way to lose a ring. As we were searching a man stopped and asked what we were looking for with a metal detector. When we told him about the lost ring and the potential search areas, he revealed that he found a woman’s 14k gold ring in the middle of the path last weekend! The location and time frame lined up perfectly. Mr. Baldwin not only found her ring, but he went a step further and verified ownership by requiring Mrs. Volberg to identify the engraving on the inside of the ring she lost… Mrs. Volberg had a moment of doubt when she recalled there was no engraving inside the ring she lost… This was the exact answer Mr. Baldwin was looking for to help verify ownership! What are the chances that Mr. Baldwin picked up this lost ring, and happened to be at Smith Farm Fields during the same day and time I was searching for the Mrs. volberg’s lost ring! Thank you Mr. Baldwin for your honesty and caring personality!

Mrs. Volberg & Mr. Baldwin 






















Lost a piece of jewelry while in a public place? Jewelry is commonly lost during our favorite park activities. Don’t waste your time renting a metal detector, have a member of The Ring Finders find you lost ring or jewelry. I serve Hartford Connecticut, surrounding areas, and even Massachusetts! If you lost a piece of jewelry, contact me now through or at (252) 775-1307.

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Lost Ring Doing Yard Work in East Hartford, Connecticut… Found!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

A gentleman contacted me about losing his ring while doing yard work in East Hartford, Connecticut. Before calling me he and his friends spent hours on their hands and knees searching the yard for the lost ring. They even used their own metal detectors to search the yard – no luck. The last memory of the ring was placing it in his pocket just before beginning the yard work.

Once I arrived to discuss the situation he explained how he got off the mower few different places throughout the yard. He couldn’t exactly remember where but he mentioned the mower getting stuck a couple of times. I began looking for soft spots and sunken areas in the grass where the mower could have gotten stuck. I was thinking maybe the ring fell out of his pocket and was lost while he was getting off the mower… One of the first places to catch my eye was a disturbed clod of grass with fresh dirt exposed. I scanned the spot and immediately a loud signal rang through my metal detector! I found the ring just under the exposed dirt next to the clod of grass! Just like that, Anhtuan’s lost ring was found and he was wearing it once again.











Anhtuan Sarita Vo’s Testimonial:

I’ve spent countless hours and with 5+ hours on our hands and knees all over my front and back yard… Metal detectors and every last resource I dad trying to find my wedding ring I lost 3 weeks ago… Today Keith Wille came over, 15 minutes in and he found it… Unbelievable! If you lost any jewelry and can’t find it he’s the guy to go to!











Lost a piece of jewelry while doing yard work? It happens all the time – brushing snow off you pants, scraping ice off the car windows, throwing snowballs at friends, your ring goes flying never to be seen again… How to find a lost ring in the yard or snow? Call a member of The Ring Finders! I serve Hartford Connecticut and surrounding areas – Middletown, New Haven, Newtown, Bridgeport, Westport, Mystic. Don’t waste your time renting a metal detector – contact me now through or at (252)775-1307

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Gold Wedding Band Lost at Misquamicut Town Beach, Westerly RI… Found!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

A replacement wedding band can always be purchased, but the original decade’s old symbol of love that marked the beginning of it all cannot be replaced. Read the testimonial below to find out what happened!


Ellen & I grew up in Westerly and Stonington.  I moved to San Diego in 1983 with General Dynamics.  I do software development for Qualcomm, Inc.  We travel back to Westerly multiple times a year.  This trip was unplanned, as it was attend the funeral service for my brother Lou.  Lou passed away unexpectedly on Aug 2nd.  I had been doing a lot of swim training the past few months, in preparation for a charity swim event.  Here is a link about the charity a local News station did on the event this past weekend:  I wanted to continue my swim training while in Westerly.  Since the weather was nice, I decided to try ocean swimming instead of pool at the Westerly YMCA.  The plan was to meet my niece, Kaitlyn, down at the Westerly Town Beach that morning (Tuesday) for some training.

In order to get additional exercise, I decided to ride an old 10-speed bike from Westerly to the beach.  My wife had been insistent that she drive me down to the beach as opposed to me riding the bike.  She was concerned with my safety, but I insisted and rode the bike.  Once at the beach, I paced off the various distances from one end of the property to the other also noting the distances between lifeguard chairs.  I started at the east end of the Town Beach in waist deep water.  When I go surfing, I always put tape around my finger to prevent the ring from sliding off.  When I did my swim training in the pools, my wedding ring would become loose, but I always managed to maneuver it back into place preventing it from sliding completely off my hand.  After swimming only about 50 yards, I had a sinking feeling (pun intended) in my gut as I realized my wedding ring was no longer on my finger!  I immediately stood up, turned to the shore to find a landmark to indicate where I had stopped.  It was a sunny morning and nobody else was in the water. My first thought was that “I can find this”!   I slowly and methodically made my way back to the starting point of my swim, then returned to my stopping point.  I repeated this process for about 45 minutes, hoping and praying I might spot the ring or a reflection off the ring from the sun.  I had no luck.  I returned to my stopping point, then paced off the distance to the landmark I used when I first realized the ring was gone.

I biked back into Westerly.  During the entire ride back to Westerly, I couldn’t stop thinking about how the ring had now been in the family for a couple generations and that I was the one to lose it, not to mention how my wife would react.  I returned to our house and broke the news to my wife.  She was naturally very upset by the news, since the ring was not only the representation of our love for one another but also part of our family history.  She told me she had a bad feeling all along about the bike ride and swim.  Maybe worth noting as to why my wife may have add the “bad feeling”… we were married at St. Michael’s church in 1986 and on Monday we drove by the church to see the construction progress only to see it leveled!  We knew they were renovating the church, but were shocked to see it totally gone!   

I next checked the tide schedule, hoping it wasn’t low tide.  As you might have guessed, it was dead low tide when I lost the ring, meaning it would be under water for some time.  I started to search the internet for waterproof metal detector rentals when I came across  I had never heard of anybody doing this type of work.  I found that Keith Wille ( ) was fairly local.  I read his blog and suddenly got the feeling that there might be some hope.  I contacted Keith via email.  Keith responded very quickly and also conveyed his sympathy for our losses of my brother Lou and the wedding ring.  He assured me that he has had success retrieving rings in water!  We tried to schedule a meeting and retrieval the following day (Wednesday), but Keith’s schedule was already full.  To complicate things a little, I had to return to San Diego on Thursday morning.  Ellen was returning to San Diego a few days after me.  Keith told me he would meet me Thursday anytime that was convenient and prior to me heading to the airport.   So, as to not be without a wedding ring for the trip, Ellen and I went to Nigrelli’s Jewelry on Wednesday to purchase a potential replacement ring.  I say potential because I had faith in Keith! J

Keith met my wife and I at 8am down at the town beach.  It was sunny and the water was calm.  My first impressions of Keith, when we exchanged text messages and phone calls, gave me a high level of hope that he was legitimate.  When meeting Keith in person, my confidence level went way up that he would find the ring!  Keith is clean-cut, professional, in good shape, and military looking.  He told me that he teaches survival training to folks in the military & to pilots.  Cool!  Keith is also a commercial diver.  Keith also maintained continuous communication since our initial contact.  One thing I noticed on Keith’s ring finger, was a royal blue colored rubber ring.  I asked him about it and he told me it was a silicone ring.   He wore it when diving so he wouldn’t lose his ring!  Interesting because Ellen and I had never seen nor heard of such an item.

Keith wanted to meet in person to have me physically show him my landmarks, repeat the description of my activities, and get a feel for the distance from the landmark to the water.  I showed him the area of the beach/water, landmarks, and distances.  At 8:30, we left the beach and headed to Green airport in Warwick.  At that time, Keith was returning to his car to retrieve his equipment.  Ellen and I had talked about Keith on the ride to Warwick and I told her I had faith in him.  There were some good traits about him that gave me confidence!  As soon as I checked my bags and got through TSA security, I received a text message from Keith.  The text was sent to both Ellen and I.  It was a picture of my ring!  The picture clearly showed our inscription, so it was easily recognized.  I called him immediately and when he answered, I said “I knew you’d find it!”  Ellen was driving back to Westerly by this time and called me a short while afterwards.  She drove straight to meet Keith at the Town Beach to get the ring.  She said that the weather was so strange on the drive back from the airport into Westerly that morning.  It went from a nice sunny morning, to heavy rain, thunder and lightning!  I told her it was the power in that ring being unleashed because it wasn’t on the right finger!! J

Keith is GREAT!!!  Keith found the ring so quickly.  Keith took our loss to heart and went out of his way to meet with us on our schedule.  Keith was very humble and gracious when accepting our gratitude.   Please, please, please do not hesitate contacting Keith should you find yourself in a similar situation.   Keith has a “page of smiles” on his website that has photos of some of the people he has helped – very heartwarming.  Every time I tell someone this story and get to the part about Keith finding the ring, their facial expression is one of amazement.  And rightly so!  They are also intrigued by the work Keith does.  Being reunited with our special ring is a blessing.  Thank you Keith for making it possible!

If you lost something in a body of water and you’re worried it’s gone forever, please give me a call or send me a message. (252) 775-1307

Check out the awesome article from The Westerly Sun!

























Lost Gold Rings at Seaside State Park, Waterford CT… Found!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

Two gold rings slipped off a necklace while a young lady was playing in the water with friends. The rings were her grandmother’s engagement ring and wedding band representing almost 50 years of marriage. The young lady realized the rings were lost to the ocean when the necklace containing the rings was unclasped and freely draped across her shoulders. She thought the rings were  lost forever.

A month went by and the young lady had given up hope on the rings… Until a resident who lives next to Seaside saw me in the local paper and referred my services. After receiving an initial text message from the young lady I arrived at Seaside during the next low tide. A couple of phone calls and photo exchanges later we determined I was in the location where the rings were lost. Only a couple of minutes into the search I got my first promising signal from my XP Deus. I dipped my scoop into the waist deep water and dug into the sand. Just moments later there was beautiful sight of gold and diamonds mixed in with the shells and rocks. It was the engagement ring! With the very next scoop the wedding band was retrieved and the pair of rings were no longer lost to the ocean!

Check out the video of the rings being returned!



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Widower’s Missing Wedding Band Found at Waterford, CT Beach

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

Finding this wedding band was no different than waking up on Christmas morning as a kid – This was going to be the ultimate gift to someone!

Prior to beginning my search, I had no identifying information on Mr. Hage’s ring so I was not completely sure if the ring I found was the ring that belonged to Mr. Hage (Although, deep down I had high hopes this ring was the ring I was there to find). After confirming the ring belonged to Mr. Hage, I knew the best part was coming next. Aside from the excitement of finding a gold ring lost to Mother Nature, there is no better feeling than reuniting someone with their story that began 56 years ago.

I do this because sometimes all people have is a token to remind them of the best parts of their lives and those memories do not belong lost in the ocean.


Check out the excitement at Waterford Recreation & Parks!


Check out the excitement in the local Media:


Look at those smiles!

Mr. Hage_Keith_Handshake









Mr. Hage reunited with his wedding band!

Mr. Hage Smiling










Waterford Recreation & Parks made this connection happen!

Waterford Rec & Park










Could not ask for a better ending!

Mr. Hage Ring



Lost Ring in Westport Connecticut Pond… Recovered on SCUBA!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

A men’s wedding band was lost during a swim in a residential pond in Westport, CT. The gentleman was going for his very first dip on his recently acquired property. Just three strokes into the swim he felt the unsettling slip of his wedding band off his finger. Although a stunning pond, the visibility underwater was zero and over a foot of leaf litter has been building up on the bottom since the 1970s when the pond was constructed. To further complicate things, the depth of the pond was around seven feet in some areas. Just in case the ring settled in one of the deeper areas, I decided this was going to be a SCUBA recovery. Thirty minutes into the search we located the ring and notified the owner. This ring was recovered thanks to my friend Jon and our underwater metal detection equipment.

Recovering a lost item in water deeper than head high can be dangerous due to the potential unknowns of the underwater environment. Additionally, the learning curve involved in using metal detection equipment underwater can be steep. Stay safe and limit any frustration by contacting someone with experience in both of these areas (252) 775-1307.

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View of the Pond…

Photo 0







Staging our gear…

Photo 3








Preparing for the search…

Photo 1








Check out the video of our first find!


Ring found!

Photo 5








Smiling faces!

Photo 6








Photo 7