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Lost Wedding Band Weekapaug Inn Beach, Westerly, Rhode Island… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Disaster struck when Linda’s son lost his wedding band at the beach near the Weekapaug Inn, Westerly, Rhode Island. The ring was placed on a flipflop while the family enjoyed a sunny weekend at the beach until Linda’s son sprang to action when help with a medical emergency. During a hasty grab for his footwear, the wedding band was dropped into the sand. Due to the circumstances, there was no time to search the sand for a lost ring. Linda told the beach workers what happened and was provided with my contact information. We connected about a week later. The day after Linda contacted me, I planned my trip to search the area where the gold wedding band was lost. It’s not very often I do a search based on a phone explanation, but Linda had solid points of reference based on where they were sitting, so I thought it was worth a try. I arrived and mapped out the area based on our phone call. As I began metal detecting for gold, a couple tried to sit in the location where the son lost track of his gold band. This situation is pretty standard – crowds of people on a beautiful weekend can cause issues with accessing the spot. These beach-goers were kind enough to move over a couple of spaces and let me search for the lost gold band.

The first signal from my metal detector (XP Deus) found gold buried in the sand. The locals applauded, and we chatted briefly about my big find. After seeing the wedding date inscribed in the lost ring, I scurried back to my beach chair and made the Facetime call to share the good news with Linda. She reluctantly answered my call – if a number called me Facetime, and I didn’t recognize it, I would be weirded out too! We eventually got past the awkward discussion, and I broke the news. Linda was planning a trip back to the area the following weekend, so we met at Lilian’s in Niantic for the ring return.

How to Find a Lost Ring

Lost ring at the beach? Rings are lost at the beach all the time – Don’t waste your time renting or borrowing a metal detector. Stop and mark the area where you believe the ring was lost and call a professional. My jewelry finding service covers Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and other surrounding states.

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Check out my YouTube video to see the search, facetime call, and our meeting at the restaurant.