Lost Diamond Wedding Rings In Home Recovery Bellevue WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


Two days after Thanksgiving I was called out to Belleview for an in home search of a lost 4.5 carat diamond wedding ring set.  From our over the phone interview I had very strong belief that the rings were still on the property and we had a very strong chance of recovery. Even though my primary focus is recovery via metal detection typically in outside environments I agreed to drop by to help assist in this in home search effort.

Ashley had already confirmed from her in home security video she had the rings on when she came home Thanksgiving evening. She clearly remembered taking them off specifically to put some hand lotion on while sitting in her front living room and the next morning the rings had simply disappeared no where to be found! Once again our dreaded hand lotion scenario has caused a pair of rings to go missing… 

She also confirmed no one but her family had been in the home since the loss. We had a few ideas that stated to develop as I continued to ask a lot of questions through my investigative process gaining clarity of the events that took place.

She wasn’t quite sure if she put the rings in an empty ziplock package from her bathroom for safe keeping, in her robe pocket or simply on their coffee table. Fortunately they saved all the household garbage in case the rings some how got tossed away. She also told me the next morning with the same robe on she bent over out the from door to pickup up a package from the porch when her phone fell out of her pocket crashing to the floor. It was certainly possibly the rings could have fallen out as well and landed under the shrubs outside.

I also ask her about her four year old daughter if she had ever shown any attention towards mommies rings. She side her girl has but had not ever run off with them before. I still keep this as a very likely possibility in mind.

Watch this video to see the full story unfold of the exciting recovery of Ashley’s amazing diamond wedding ring set.



Jeff Morgan