Ring Toss Recovery Skagit Valley WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


I received a distressed call from a young lady that she had regrettably tossed her ring out of her bedroom window. She was now in need of a recovery specialist to help recover the ring from her back yard. She had a person that tried searching her yard with a medal detector but came up empty handed. After the initial search she was more distressed now than ever and could not understand why after having thrown her ring straight down into the grass that the ring was not found. After clearing my schedule a few days later I drove the distance to perform a search for her very special ring. She told me that it was an older property and filled with a lot of junk metal and trash. Never the less I arrived on focus to recover the only thing possible in that yard that meant any thing to her, being this very special ring. Being a surface recovery over solid dirt and grass the detection process went pretty quick. Any targets that were not on the surface were quickly passed with the only priority being to recover her ring!

After a short bit of searching the target area her ring was recovered and it was in very close proximity to a test ring I told her to throw a few days prior. The ring was undamaged and placed back on her finger with a great deal of gratitude and relief that it had been found.

Watch the recovery take place here:



Jeff Morgan


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