5 carat diamond ring lost in Golden, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Nadine was visiting her family in Golden, Colorado from her home state of Indiana. While here she helped put in a play area for grand children and then attended a party that night. During the placement of the pea gravel for the play area Nadine noticed that the 5 carat diamond ring given to her by her husband was a bit loose so she took the ring off and placed it the back pocket of her jeans. After working on the play area Nadine had to quickly get ready as her son and daughter-in-law were having a party. The next morning Nadine went to get her ring our of her pocket and it wasn’t there. Her heart sank. The family searched the house and the yard but her ring was no where to be found.

Nadine found my information on TheRingFinders and called me. We made arrangements for me to perform a search that night after work. After my arrival we talked and Nadine showed me around the house and the yard. I grabbed my CTX and headed for the search area in the yard. I had nearly completed my search of the play area when Nadine came out and said I might as well stop my search. She had talked with a woman who was at the party and she specifically remembered that Nadine did have her ring on that evening.

I asked Nadine if she would like me to help re-search the house for her. She was a bit reluctant due to the families diligent search of the house but she agreed to my assistance. I started in her bedroom and searched in her dressers, the bathroom, under desks and in and around the night stands and bed. I ended up going through her laundry hamper, searching each and every piece of clothing very carefully. Finally at the bottom of the hamper I noticed a cardboard bottom and under that the ring was hiding. I placed her ring on my figure and headed up the stairs to talk with Nadine. As I reached midpoint of the stairs I started holding my chin, unfortunately Nadine had her back to me while we talked for 30-45 seconds. When she turned around and noticed the ring she started crying and jumping around in excitement.

Ring recovered 4-12-2016

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