Lost Diamond Ring Found in Cumberland RI

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

On February 25th, I received a somewhat frantic call from Lisa.  Her custom-made diamond wedding ring-band had been missing for two weeks.  It was last seen in a bathroom drawer in their house, and Lisa and her husband had been combing the house since that time.  They assumed that their two-year old son had hidden the ring somewhere in the house or that he may have thrown it out of an open second-story window in his room.  Lisa had learned of The Ring Finders from a friend and asked for my help with the search.  I covered the area in the backyard directly under the window without any success.  I also suggested that the ring may have landed on an eave or its gutter just below the second floor windows but would have needed a ladder of over twenty-feet to reach the area.  We moved our search into the house, trying to imagine where a toddler would hide a ring.  After searching through closets, drawers, under furniture, etc., I saw her son trying to stuff something through a small space in his parents’ bedroom window and suggested that he may have done the same with her ring.  We opened the bedroom window, and Lisa hung out the window to check the eave and gutter, while I made sure that she didn’t fall out.  She was shocked and ecstatic to find her ring on the eave right under the window.