Brant Beach (LBI) NJ Wedding Band lost for 2 months recovered by Edward Trapper NJ Ring Finder August 2022

  • from Surf City (New Jersey, United States)
Valentina called yesterday after I was tagged on her post about her beautiful wedding ring that was lost in Beach Haven N.J (LBI) almost 2 months ago, on July 4th. We talked for a while, and determined that where it was lost there was a good chance it could still be there. She wasn’t positive the ring was on the beach, but sure did know where her towel was, which is a good starting point for my search. We decided to begin early today before swimmers arrived. About 30 minutes later my machine gave a REAL nice solid tone, and sure enough, the ring was in the scoop. The ring will be reunited soon with Val as she is about 2 hours away.#njringfinder, #lostring,#lostcross,#lavallettenj,#ortleybeachnj,#lostringLBI,#lostringholgatenj,#lostringsurfcitynj

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