Lost Ring Perdido Beach - FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Well this is a ring return I won’t ever forget. Even Covid-19 couldn’t stop this nice lady from getting her ring back on her finger. Two days ago, Tyler and her family were in Perdido Beach and on the way back to the car she had her engagement ring on her child’s stroller. As you can imagine, she hit a bumpy patch and by the time she got back to the car her ring was gone on the beach. Yesterday she posted all over social media in hopes that someone may have found it. This is usually a really bad idea because with that much info, someone that is not interested in returning it can find it and move along. Luckily a few people recommended my services (thank you!) and she sent me an email. She didn’t provide any information and didn’t even give me a phone number. Even though I sent her a few emails back she didn’t reply or call. This is totally normal because she was so shocked, I know she was probably trying to make sure she didn’t get scammed with promises of help and she was overwhelmed with the prospect of losing her ring forever. I felt bad for her and I knew that the longer all of the information stayed on the internet, the higher the chance she would never get it back. My friend Charlie and I had the chance to get out today and I talked him into heading to the area. Once there we were very lucky to find it pretty quickly based on our experience with where she may have lost it. I finally posted on Explore Pensacola and she called within the hour. I invited Tyler and her husband to my home and did my first ever social distancing ring return. 😃. I think they were both shocked that a total stranger would just go get her ring for her. I’m very glad to be able to do it. Thanks for the assist today Charlie!  God bless you all!!! 💍

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  1. Gregg larabel says:

    Good job. If you ever come across my class ring let me know. I lost it in the Golf in 1965 while doing a rescue of a man in the surf in Ft Walton Beach.

  2. Tyler Joy Hicks says:

    I don’t even know where to begin about Dave Cartee. I had posted on every single Pensacola Facebook page I could think of with pictures of my ring and where it was possibly lost on Perdido Key. A ton of people referred him to me. So I emailed him. I didn’t even get back to him with my next email to set up where to look and he took the initiative and searched for my ring with his friend AND FOUND IT. 50lbs have been lifted off my chest and I feel whole again. My husband and I cannot say “THANK YOU” enough to Dave and his friend Charlie. He is such a good and HONEST man!!!! I am still so shocked that someone who didn’t even know my husband and I went to go look for the ring as soon as he could.

    I cannot stop saying “thank you” to him and his friend. 😁 and I can’t stop staring at my ring haha

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