Lost Ring in the Gulf - Orange Beach

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

This was an awesome return!  My new friends Kathryn and Matt has been down from Ohio enjoying beautiful Orange Beach. Kathryn learned that there are positives when you solder your rings together but the big negative is that if you were to lose one, you lose all three. That’s exactly what happened when she was throwing a ball in about chest deep water and her rings went flying in the Gulf. She found out about me 2 days later and when she called she was very worried that she had waited too long and the rings were lost forever. I told her that I had a really good track record with rings in the water and that as long as it was still there and hadn’t sunk too deep in the sand, I thought I could find it. When I got there, the whole family was in attendance and although Kathryn was trying her best to appear optimistic, I could tell that she was truly worried. I felt for her and Matt and I got in the water on a mission. I heard a couple of higher tones which would not indicate gold but I always like to dig a few things so I can get idea of depth. I got a couple of coins in a row and I realized that I had told Kathryn and Matt that I would probably dig some other things but I had not told the whole family. I saw (maybe the brother-in-law) checking out my coin digging and I thought to myself that I needed to make sure I dug everything very visibly. I was excited when the very next tone I went over sounded like gold. I very gently dug it up and put it on my finger and starting wiggling my fingers so the bro-in-law could see. When he realized I had it by the smile on my face, he yelled to Matt and Matt yelled to Kathryn. They all sprinted down to me and before I was even out of the water Kathryn was in tears and had her arms spread wide open for a hug. When Matt got choked up too I told them I knew how they felt and that’s why I do this. That will never get old. I’m so very happy for y’all!  Congratulations! 💍

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  1. Kathryn says:

    I can’t thank Dave enough for helping me find my wedding ring and saving my vacation. I lost my ring our first full day in Orange Beach. Needless to say, it was quite a buzzkill to lose something sentimental that you’ve worn every day for 10+ years. I didn’t hear about or talk to Dave until almost three days later, so I thought for sure my ring was long gone. But Dave very calmly and confidently told me he could find it. He cleared his schedule and made the hour drive to meet me. When he arrived, he reassured me that hope was not lost and he was right — he found my ring within 30 minutes! I am forever indebted to Dave and would recommend his services to anyone. He is proof that good, honest people still exist in this world.

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