Lost Ring in the Gulf - FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

This is an awesome ring that I actually recovered a couple of weeks ago but I’ve been waiting to post and keeping it safe until Patrick was able to get back down here from Huntsville, AL.  I love this story because it seems like what I would do if the situation was reversed.  Patrick called me after he and his wife had already gone home and told me that his wife had lost her ring in the Gulf of Mexico 9 days earlier! 😳  They had already contacted their insurance carrier and been told that they had a claim.  Unfortunately, as we all know, when you file a claim your future payments go up.  Most importantly, even though you may be able to pay for a replacement, you can never get back the actual ring that holds so many memories unless you go find it.  That’s why when Patrick and his wife stumbled across TheRingFinders.com and saw my page, they gave me a call.  I was feeling lucky having already found a ring that morning an hour away so I decided to head out to Pensacola Beach late that afternoon.  The people at the Margaritaville hotel were awesome and quickly gave me permission to park so that I could help out one of their previous guests.  When I got down to the beach I thought to myself that this would definitely be a record for wave height if I was able to find it.  I waded in and I was very quickly taking waves over my head (I’m 6’3” 😳) but luckily they were spaced out where I could work and I like a challenge.  Patrick gave fantastic directions over the phone and I must admit that I was surprised when after less than 10 minutes I heard a fantastic signal and I was able to gently scoop up this gorgeous ring buried about 7 inches down.  To say that Patrick was thrilled when I called him is an understatement!  I am so glad that they took a chance and reached out to me even after they thought it was lost forever!  What a great day!

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  1. Patrick says:

    To say that Dave is a miracle worker is an understatement.

    After my wife lost her ring just off shore we spent the rest of the trip watching as group after group of fellow vacationers flooded the beach and waded in the area where she lost it. Some with nets looking for shells or fish and others stomping around and pressing the ring further into the sand. And any time someone looked excited, I was wondering if they had found it with me never knowing.

    I had never heard of theringfinders.com, and didn’t find it until after we had been home for days. I sent him an email, and the rest is history.

    It is an unbelievable feeling to have it back after thinking it was lost to the sea forever. We had come to terms with it, but we’re astonished and amazed that he was able to recover it, and do it so quickly after us trying so long with goggles to no avail.

    My wife is planning to wear a fake ring for future beach trips, but we have an awesome resource up our sleave if we ever lose anything again, and I won’t wait 9 days next time, hehe.

    Thanks Dave! =-)

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