Lost Engagement Ring Dewey Beach, Delaware: Found

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

imageOn 08/05/13, I received a phone call from a gentleman who said that his wife had lost her engagement ring on the beach in Dewey Beach, Del. The gentleman requested my assistance in finding the ring so I responded to the area of the lost ring and contacted the young lady who had lost the ring. The young lady stated that she had placed her rings in the side pocket of a cart that they had taken with them on the beach. What she did not know was that the pocket on the cart had a hole in it and when she went to get her rings, she only was able to find the wedding band. We walked down to the are on the beach where the cart had been sitting. The beach was still crowded so I only had a small area to search and this area was where the cart had been sitting and was marked by a beach chair. I began my search and I new failure was not an option as all eyes on the beach were upon me. I made my first pass, there was nothing and then on my second pass there it was just waiting to be found. The young lady sat patiently in the beach chair watching as I searched. I scooped up the ring, grabbed it with my fingers and revealed it to the young lady and I asked “Is this it?” Tears welled up in her eyes as I handed her the ring, she was very grateful for the return of her ring. The beach crowd around the search site, cheered and clapped. What a rush! The husband of the young lady arrived before I departed, he thanked me and said “I really had no desire to learn how to use a metal detector tonight!”