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Lost Diamond Ring in South West Vancouver… Blog & Video

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Tonight I received a call from a young lady who lost a very special ring, it was her diamond ring and she was heart broken that it was lost.

I was told by Jen that the ring came off when she was feeding crows from her patio, on the 4th floor of their apartment.  When she was throwing the food to the crows her ring came off,  she feared it may have landed on the apartment roof  next door.

We did a few test throws with a ring I gave her,  this  gives me the general direction and I started my search. Within 15 minutes I got a great signal that fell into the gold reading on my Whites XLT metal detector.

I moved some leafs and snow and saw the glint of white gold, I bent down to take a closer look and I could see the ring that was stuck into the ground, as it was walked on for sure by Jen and her boyfriend who had spent many hours with a rented metal detector, but had no luck finding the ring.

I was very happy to have found the ring for Jen, Its nice to know its back where it belongs.  It was nice meeting you Jen & Ryan! Thank you for generous reward Jen!

I love my job!

Thanks for reading my story!

Chris Turner