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Lost Gold Diamond Ring, Stanley Park, Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I was just sitting down to dinner when I got a phone call from a man who needed my help.

He tells me that he lost a very special ring that his girlfriend gave him 10 years ago.

He was in a wedding party and some time during the day and a few drinks his ring had slipped off his finger.

The problem with these kind of searches is that it’s a needle in a haystack.

The only places he thought the ring might be was at Stanley Park in Vancouver where they took photos or at the church outside where they had the wedding.

Dano had a good feeling and decided to start at Stanley Park, I met him and his girlfriend there to start the search. When I get a search like this I have them show me the area then I grid search until I find the ring or I feel comfortable that its not there and move to the next location.

10 minutes into the search I get a great signal and I kick the grass and see a gold ring looking back up at me!

I call Dano over to ask him a few questions about the location while I turn on my flip video camera… The rest is on the video below!

I have to say that it was our lucky day as a search like that could take many, many hours. I was just as happy as Dano!!

I Love My Job!

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