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Lost ring Paradise Lake Estates Found

I got a call Sunday afternoon about a lost engagement ring in the water at Paradise Lake Estates, a waterski home community south of Bakersfield CA. The ring was a recent gift and had only been on Ashley’s finger for a short time and while in the water next to the dock it had slipped off. The bottom of the lake is a squishy clay mixture and the group had all been over the area searching and the fear was the ring may have been pushed down or away from the area Ashley thought she had lost it. I got in the water and began to grid towards the area she thought it went down. The water had zero visibility so it was going to be on the detector and a few minutes later I got a nice “9” on my equinox and two scoops later I had the ring in the scoop. It was a blessing for sure and everyone was pumped that the ring was back on the finger of Ashley and the story could continue. They did everything right after the ring was lost in that they found me, marked off the area as best they could and then allowed me to recover the ring so if you find yourself losing your ring don’t hesitate to call/text me at 805-290-5009 so we can get your ring back.