Lost - Gold and Silver earring - Kill Devil Hills (OBX), NC - FOUND!!!

  • from Ponce Inlet (Florida, United States)

On Friday, I got a FB message from Lisa.  She explained that her mother-in-law had lost a gold and silver earring and was wondering if I could help.  I said of course. I asked her to call me and during the conversation we set a time to meet.

On the way I said a prayer for God to give me favor.   When I arrived, I met Lisa and Robin.  Robin said she had been sitting on the steps of their beautiful waterfront home and her cat came up to her.  She went on to say the cat had batted at her sparkly gold and silver earring.  Just then, it went flying and she heard a ding as it hit something.   She tried to find the earring but had no success.

The steps were flanked by bushes right up to the railing and the ground was cover with leaves.  Due to the tight conditions, I was only able to cover a small area with my metal detector.  As I expected, near a home, I found nails, pennies, and roof flashing.

I squeezed through the bushes and began searching with my pinpointer. (An electronic device like they scan you with in airport). Again, I found several trash items.  Next, I checked right under the stair stringers.  Bingo!  It was a good hit, and a shuffling of leaves revealed a bright, sparkling earring.

I hid the earring in my hand and went to find Robin.  I asked her if she could explain again how she lost it.  As she began the story, I raised the earring to eye level.  As she caught sight of it, she shouted, “You found it!!  Happiness.

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