Lost - Men's Gold Cartier wedding band - Daytona Beach, FL - FOUND!!!

  • from Ponce Inlet (Florida, United States)

Mother’s Day was a perfect day and my wife, Myrna, and I topped it off with a bike ride to our community pool.  When we returned, I was putting away the bikes when I got the call from Yanaia.  She said that they were at the beach and lost a ring.  I could sense the distress in the tone of her voice.  I hopped into the car and headed her way.

When I arrived, the beach was packed, and Yan was waving me down.  I found out that her husband, Eddy, was the one who lost the ring…a heavy gold Cartier wedding band.  I thought to myself, “this should be easy!”

Eddy was standing in the middle of a tidal pool that was roughly 20ft in diameter.  He was holding a metal stick to mark where he thought he lost the ring, and his expression was very worried.

I fired up the Manticore and began the search.  I swepted over the middle spot of the tidal pool where it was obvious, they had been digging.  Nothing.  I expanded the search in a spiral outward until I had covered the entire tidal pool.  Nothing but a penny, a trash item, and a very small screw.

I began to grid off around the water and toward the beach, going into the surf somewhat.  I stopped and prayed.  This search should not be this difficult!  As I expanded toward the driving lanes, I got a great hit and suspected success.  I heard the tell-tale jangle in the scoop and saw gold!

As I handed the ring to Eddy, his expression changed in an instant from desperation to exuberance.  I was the recipient of hugs from Yanaia and Ariana.  Cheers from Jose, Joshua, and people all around!  The item that was lost was found.



4 Replies to “Lost – Men’s Gold Cartier wedding band – Daytona Beach, FL – FOUND!!!”

  1. Brian Rudolph says:

    Hey Ed, great story and I cheer you on that you stopped and prayed! You had divine favor that day along with your expertise! Giving glory to the ONE!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

    1. Thank you Brian. I always pray on the way. Some people believe that God does not intervene of care for the small things in our lives. I disagree. If He knows the number of hairs on our head, He cares for every detail. So, sometimes I stop in the middle of the search like I did this time. I’m so glad I found it. Thank you for the kind words.

  2. Mike McInroe says:

    Amazing how God knows exactly where every item that we search for is and we need to remind ourselves and others of this fact! God is good!! Nice work Edward and way to step up to the plate! Mike in sunny Florida

    1. Thank you Mike, for the kind words and for the referral. God is good…all the time!

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