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Lost Wedding Ring returned in Canyon Country (Santa Clarita Valley)

I got a text the other day from Steven who was wanting to know if I could help him recover his wife’s wedding ring from the hillside in his backyard. I said sure and we scheduled an appointment for the search for today (5/21/22). Upon arrival it was determined that the ring could be anywhere on the right side of the hill somewhere in the dense brush. I had to improvise as there were only certain areas I could use my XP Deus II effectively so I fashioned an extension rod for my pinpointer so I could poke it into the bushes to see if I could locate a target. Steven was sure it was on the lower portion of the hill so I swept it and re-swept it a couple of times and then I told him it had to be up higher than he thought.

I said a prayer and asked God to lead me to the ring and I went to a spot at the top and on my second pass with my Deus I got a tone so I bent down with my pinpointer and confirmed a target but it was so dense I really had a hard time making out the ring. I finally could see that it wasn’t a trick of my eyes and I called Steven over and we said a prayer of thanks to God, picked up the ring and we got off that hill! The bees were starting to swarm a bit and the rattlesnakes are starting to wake up in the hills so enough was enough.

What turned out to be bad was made good again. If you too have lost a ring or other piece of jewelry don’t hesitate to text or call at 805-290-5009 so we can determine the best way to get it back to you. Time is of the essence as you don’t want someone else to get your stuff before we can get it back to you.