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Expert Recovery: Lost Wedding Ring Found on Hillside in Canyon Country Santa Clarita

The other day, I received a text from Steven, seeking assistance in recovering his wife’s lost wedding ring from the hillside in their backyard. Eager to help, we scheduled a search for today (5/21/22). Upon arrival, it became apparent that the ring could be anywhere on the right side of the hill, nestled within dense brush.

Navigating the challenging terrain, I improvised by fashioning an extension rod for my pinpointer, enabling me to probe into the bushes effectively. Steven believed the ring was on the lower portion of the hill, prompting me to sweep and re-sweep the area. However, intuition led me to believe it might be higher up.

Seeking guidance, I offered a prayer, asking for divine assistance in locating the ring. Moving to a spot at the top of the hill, on my second pass with the Deus II metal detector, I detected a tone. With careful scrutiny, I confirmed a target amidst the dense foliage. Calling Steven over, we offered a prayer of gratitude before retrieving the ring and vacating the hillside.

What began as a daunting task ended in triumph. If you’ve experienced a similar loss of a ring or jewelry, don’t hesitate to reach out. Text or call at 805-290-5009, and together, we’ll devise a plan to recover your prized possessions swiftly. Remember, time is of the essence—act promptly to ensure your belongings are returned to you without delay.

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