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Engagement Ring Lost On Kure Beach, NC Found With Metal Detector

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Bailey was spending a fun evening on Kure Beach with her family.  Bailey is also planning a September wedding.  She was asked to perform a cartwheel in the sand.  Before the attempt, she gave her engagement ring to her younger sister for safe keeping.   During the excitement and festivities, the ring slipped off of little sister’s hand into the sand.  Both sisters were very upset.  The following morning I get a call from Bailey’s father.  He explained what had happened and plans were made to meet just afternoon.   When I pulled the first target, a red can top, Dad yelled that I had found it!  I think that helped ease the stress levels.  Unfortunately, my 2nd target a silver can top gave Bailey false hopes it was her ring.   The 3rd target was the one we all had hope to recover!   The excitement & tears made the 2 hour drive to their location all worth while!