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Lost Platinum Wedding Band Fraser River, Richmond…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I get a call from a young lady who tells me her husband lost his platinum wedding band off a dock on the Fraser River…My first thoughts were I need a diver and that it could be a dangerous search as that river has a strong currant. After talking to her she said that her husband dove in and tried to search for it and that he was able to touch bottom at low tide.

This was encouraging as i don’t know of many fishing docks that you can touch bottom, we discussed the search and made a time to meet the next day at low tide.

I decided to bring my wetsuit and I’m sure glad I did as the water was very cold surprisingly! When I jumped in I could barely keep my head above water and that made it very hard to search on my tip toes! After 20 minutes or more I got a good signal but had a heck of a time trying to scoop it up. It was a chin deep water hunt!

Finally I checked my scoop and saw it in the basket so I put it in my hand and told them that my batteries had died and that I needed to change them…This bought me time to do the surprise reveal and capture the excitement on camera…









I love my job!

Thanks for reading my post ! If you have lost something and need help finding it please call a member of ASAP!

Watch video of the search below…

Handmade 14k Band Lost in Columbia River, Portland Oregon (found) by Del Witters

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Waist deep search along 60 yards of Columbia River beach nets return… the story in Raquel’s words!

Raquel and Daniel; we met almost 2.5 years ago and after a little over a year of long distance, Daniel managed to make it to Portland so we could finally live in the same city. We didn’t have a traditional fancy wedding. The closest thing to a traditional wedding was the fact that we exchanged wedding bands. The special thing about them is that we made them for each other. Daniel made mine, and I made his. Sentimentally, they are priceless.

Fast forward 11-months, to almost our one year anniversary. We spent a lovely Sunday with friends on the Columbia River and at some point Daniel’s ring slipped off of his finger. We tried looking for it but had no luck, the water was murky and our time on the river was running out. We were pretty sure it was gone forever but with a stroke of Internet magic we found The Ring Finders, and got in touch with Del. His kindness, knowledge and positivity saved the day!! After a mini boat paddle to the island and a hike, we landed on the spot, gave him some information, and in a little over an hour he found Daniel’s ring!!! It was incredible! We practically did cartwheels on the beach. He is amazing!!! Thank you!!!

I’m ecstatic that I could return your ring before your first anniversary… a memorable recovery with two great people!
I forgot my video camera… their reaction as I held Daniel’s ring up from 20 yards away tells the story of this service and I’ll never tire of it, Thank you!

IMG_2076      IMG_2080


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