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14K Engagement Ring Found – Marshall Virginia

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

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Received a call from Kenny about a lost 14k Rose Gold engagement ring in Marshall Virginia. The ring had been lost for about a week. His wife lost the ring in a grassy knoll in front of his property. Kenny and his wife both searched frantically for several days. Kenny even rented a metal detector from a local shop but with no luck, so he did a little more research and came across theRingFinders network. Kenny provided me a few more details and we made arrangements for me to be at his location early the next morning.

Upon arriving I was hopeful as the area was not very large, however I did get a little nervous after seeing the amount of trash in the gully, but that’s why I’m here. After greeting Kenny I got to work quickly, gridding out a few short paths, eliminating hits I knew to be trash. After about 40 minutes I got a solid hit on the Equinox 800, vdi 10-11. There buried under the leaves was this beautiful rose gold ring!

I sent Kenny a text with a photo of the found ring. He was so overjoyed and surprised I found it so quickly, and stated he wouldn’t tell his wife until she came back from church. Great surprise on a Sunday morning!!

God Bless and happy hunting.



Gold wedding band lost in Florida, Ft. Myers tall grass – Found!

  • from Marco Island (Florida, United States)

Received a call from a gentleman in Ft. Myers (12/8/2018) who reported having recently lost his gold wedding band while washing his dogs in the garden.  The soapy water had allowed the ring to slip off his finger.  For those of you unfamiliar with Florida grass, its “thick”, very thick.  I arrived to find a small 6′ – 8′ circular enclosure that had been staked off to mark the location, limit traffic, and prevent mowing, etc.  A quick search of this area with the Minelab CTX3030 running a 17″ coil revealed nothing, at which point the search area was expanded.  Within seconds, the audible signal of gold rang true.  With the assistance of a pin-pointer, the ring finally became visible having already worked its way through the thatch all the way to the dirt.  Well, pictures speak volumes and are often better than a thousand words, so let these and the smiles evidence the relief and happiness within…Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas to you all!

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Florida “thick gras”

Happy customer – Steve