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Lost and found gold Wedding band at Lakeshore Beach Sandbanks Ontario

While out water detecting at North beach Provincial park, I received a call from Marian, saying how her husband, Remon, had just lost his gold wedding band while about 4 feet deep and tossing a football around with his kids. They were down on vacation from Quebec and headed back home tomorrow. So I quickly packed up and headed over to Sandbanks to meet up with them. After quick intro, I asked Remon to come in the water with me and stand where he thought he lost his ring. After a few minutes, as I was gridding the area with my water metal detector, his family signalled him from shore, telling him that he should move more to his left, just as I was getting a strong signal with my detector. Using my water scoop, I scooped up the target and there was his ring in the basket. I looked at him and told that we shouldn’t move, as he had put us 3 feet away from where he had dropped it, and proceeded to showed him the ring in the scoop. He was very excited but not as happy as Marian was when we reached the shore and he showed her his beautiful wedding ring. Another happy ending.


Engagement ring found at Sand Banks Provincial Park

Received an email yesterday from Marlon about how his fiancé had lost her engagement ring at Sand Banks Provincial Park on Saturday. They were down for the day at the beach from Markham with a bunch of friends. At noon, Camille realized that her ring was gone. With over a dozen friends, looking through the fine sand for a few hours, the ring was still missing but had to drive back home that day.

On Sunday morning, After looking at a couple pictures from google earth from Marlon and description of where about the were located at the beach, I headed to Sand banks in hope of finding it for them. Amidst the high winds, couple downpours and four hours of searching/gridding the beach, I was able to find it. I don’t think I’ve ever pulled so many beer caps and pull tabs from pop cans which when using a metal detector sounds just like a gold ring. Met with them in port hope this morning to return the ring. The look on Camille’s face, when she saw her ring again, was priceless. Another happy couple. 😊

Lost Engagement Ring Found in Sand Banks Ontario

This morning I met with a young couple from Quebec, vacationing at Sand Banks, Prince Edward County, for the week. Unfortunately, she lost her engagement ring at the beach yesterday while placing it in her nap sack before going for a swim. Let me suggest to you that if your ring has any monetary/sentimental value, have your initials and phone number engraved inside the band and perhaps have it ensured. Bad situation that ends well. Her reaction video, below, is really worth watching. Another happy customer. Life is good. 😊

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