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Lost Gold Earring Stud w/Diamonds found in Eastpointe Michigan


….was not what Darriss was hoping for while visiting his mom on Mother’s Day, but after some hanging out with family, he and his sons walked out to get some gifts out of the car. Before getting to the car, they all started lightly pushing and shoving, eventually ending up with everyone on the ground rolling around on the grass. Once back in the house, someone noticed one of his earrings missing. Now it was dark and there was no way to search. We met today and I quickly started to grid search the grass area, splitting it into two halves. Finishing the right half produced nothing, so starting on the left half I was hoping that the earring would be there. Getting closer to the house I got a nice solid signal. Reaching thru the thick grass revealed his earring! A quick text to his phone saying I got his opponent pinned down on the mat had him running out of the house! Thrilled that the victory didn’t take too long, he was back on the road with his sons to celebrate the championship!



Lost Gold Ring in the Leaves Found in Clinton Township Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt…..

….Mark knew his ring came off somewhere in the yard. But as the low sun in the sky moving into autumn casted long shadows amongst the trees, he was having difficulty visually searching for his ring now that the crispy leaves had been bagged. Since he was all over the yard, he felt that his shadow didn’t even know where the ring was. Upon arriving I noticed several packed leaf bags that were ready to burst, which had been previously dumped and searched, so I grid searched the area of the yard where Mark thought the ring came off. I was enjoying the search with my MXT metal detector under the very pretty sky and calm weather here in the Detroit area today. The yard search presented no luck, so we decided to metal detect the leaf bags, scanning the metal detector coil all around each bag. After a few minutes a very faint whisper of a good signal came thru my headphones, so I said let’s dump this bag and search it. Scanning thru the pile the once faint signal suddenly became a YES, I’m the ring you are seeking!….type of signal. Brushing a few of the brown leaves aside revealed Mark’s ring! He came over in disbelief as this bag had been searched. Casting his own shadow while reflecting on the find, he realized that some things can only be seen in the shadows but was happy to move on and leave these shadows behind.



Lost Pearl Earring w/ Gold Chain Dangle Found In Detroit Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Happy Sweetest Day!

Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend have never met Rachel. Even tho she and her fiancee tied the knot a week ago and exchanged beautiful rings, there was something very sentimental dangling from her ears that went missing during the festivities. The items are family heirlooms that have been passed down to each bride to be and have been worn on that special day for many generations. The search areas on the facility was an upstairs with a slatted wood floor, outside stairwell, a pebbly gravel outside dining area and a few slatted wood docks primarily used for photo shoots over canals coming off the Detroit river. All these areas were a possibility of where Rachel’s missing item could be. She had an idea of where she was so we started to walk the route. Skipping the inside we walked the gravel area with my metal detector. Nothing signaled thru the headphones. As we approached one of the docks a small white object was spotted just barely visible between the slats. We rushed closer and looking down was her missing pearl earring wedged in between the slat! We gracefully worked it out and ran back onto solid ground. Her and her husband teared up a bit and were totally amazed that the earring was found and didn’t fall into the water. Showing it to him they both joyfully said this was the best sweetest day they have had. Their tradition will live on! So, for the ladies…..forget about the superstition that wearing pearls to your wedding brings a lifetime of tears…..the only tears I saw today was from finding a pearl!


Lost Knife Found In Shelby Township Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The Art Of Manliness Lives On!

What is manliness?, and how is it measured? If you were to google this there would be all kinds of answers. Most would agree to some point that they are all correct to a certain degree. But not too far in the past and to this day, it was and still is manly to carry a knife. Who doesn’t remember their dad or grandpa handing a pocket knife to a young boy at Christmas or out on that special hunting or fishing trip! Then the thrill of adventure building stories around it till it was time to pass it on to a true friend or family member. Thoughts of this were in this pictured man’s mind when he received a knife yesterday for Christmas. Living near a woodsy area filled with forest debris he went out for a hike with his friend and the knife became lost.
We decided to search this morning and when we got there we discovered more debris piled up where they were hiking. I searched the clear areas while he removed the piles of Christmas scented debris to give me a clear area to swing the metal detectors coil. Sloshing thru the mud I was getting lots of junk signals coming from pieces of concrete that had settled and were poking up thru the earth’s surface. I knew the metal in the knife would be reading in the positive section on my MXT. So annoying as it was to hear the junk I kept swinging. I thought for a moment that maybe someone who was dumping the debris since the knife was lost may have saw it and kept it. But after 40 mins I got a bouncy +52 to +68 on the meter. Pulling the pinpoint trigger switch showed 0 depth so I got the Garrett carrot out and probed around in the foliage and sure enough there it was! This silver blade of this gorgeous knife revealed itself! I waved over to him and he thought I wanted to take a break and I said yes..a big break!… don’t move another branch! When he got to me he was super elated that his sentimental gift wasn’t lost forever and will be able to have many stories to pass it forward someday and that nothing will ever get between him and his knife again!

Lost Ring in Detroit Michigan, Lost Ring in Southeast Michigan Area, Lost Ring Toledo Ohio Area

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