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Lost Gold Ring in the Leaves Found in Clinton Township Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt…..

….Mark knew his ring came off somewhere in the yard. But as the low sun in the sky moving into autumn casted long shadows amongst the trees, he was having difficulty visually searching for his ring now that the crispy leaves had been bagged. Since he was all over the yard, he felt that his shadow didn’t even know where the ring was. Upon arriving I noticed several packed leaf bags that were ready to burst, which had been previously dumped and searched, so I grid searched the area of the yard where Mark thought the ring came off. I was enjoying the search with my MXT metal detector under the very pretty sky and calm weather here in the Detroit area today. The yard search presented no luck, so we decided to metal detect the leaf bags, scanning the metal detector coil all around each bag. After a few minutes a very faint whisper of a good signal came thru my headphones, so I said let’s dump this bag and search it. Scanning thru the pile the once faint signal suddenly became a YES, I’m the ring you are seeking!….type of signal. Brushing a few of the brown leaves aside revealed Mark’s ring! He came over in disbelief as this bag had been searched. Casting his own shadow while reflecting on the find, he realized that some things can only be seen in the shadows but was happy to move on and leave these shadows behind.