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Lost Pearl Earring w/ Gold Chain Dangle Found In Detroit Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Happy Sweetest Day!

Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend have never met Rachel. Even tho she and her fiancee tied the knot a week ago and exchanged beautiful rings, there was something very sentimental dangling from her ears that went missing during the festivities. The items are family heirlooms that have been passed down to each bride to be and have been worn on that special day for many generations. The search areas on the facility was an upstairs with a slatted wood floor, outside stairwell, a pebbly gravel outside dining area and a few slatted wood docks primarily used for photo shoots over canals coming off the Detroit river. All these areas were a possibility of where Rachel’s missing item could be. She had an idea of where she was so we started to walk the route. Skipping the inside we walked the gravel area with my metal detector. Nothing signaled thru the headphones. As we approached one of the docks a small white object was spotted just barely visible between the slats. We rushed closer and looking down was her missing pearl earring wedged in between the slat! We gracefully worked it out and ran back onto solid ground. Her and her husband teared up a bit and were totally amazed that the earring was found and didn’t fall into the water. Showing it to him they both joyfully said this was the best sweetest day they have had. Their tradition will live on! So, for the ladies…..forget about the superstition that wearing pearls to your wedding brings a lifetime of tears…..the only tears I saw today was from finding a pearl!