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Lost Gold Earring Stud w/Diamonds found in Eastpointe Michigan


….was not what Darriss was hoping for while visiting his mom on Mother’s Day, but after some hanging out with family, he and his sons walked out to get some gifts out of the car. Before getting to the car, they all started lightly pushing and shoving, eventually ending up with everyone on the ground rolling around on the grass. Once back in the house, someone noticed one of his earrings missing. Now it was dark and there was no way to search. We met today and I quickly started to grid search the grass area, splitting it into two halves. Finishing the right half produced nothing, so starting on the left half I was hoping that the earring would be there. Getting closer to the house I got a nice solid signal. Reaching thru the thick grass revealed his earring! A quick text to his phone saying I got his opponent pinned down on the mat had him running out of the house! Thrilled that the victory didn’t take too long, he was back on the road with his sons to celebrate the championship!



Lost Gold Ring Found In Royal Oak Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Hang’Em High!

Unfortunately, this is not a story about lost jewelry or outlaw loot found for Marshal Jed Cooper played by Clint Eastwood, but rather begins in a quiet city outside Detroit when I received a call from Karen who said her son had lost his wedding band while hanging Christmas lights high up on the house to surprise his wife when she got home. Although she was thrilled to see them high up in place, the mood changed when she learned of the missing ring which he’s had for less than a month. When I arrived he was not sure where the ring could be as he was traversing the whole yard multi-tasking. It was a small yard so it didn’t take long to search the back and sides which revealed nothing. Searching the front of the house where he was hanging the lights also revealed nothing. As I started to search further out my MXT sounded off on a metal object. Close to the underground water line I thought it may have been the water shut off but the signal was much smaller. Brushing a leaf aside revealed this shiny gold ring that was slightly compressed into the ground inches away from the sidewalk and at least 15 feet from the house! Pausing for a moment I waved Karen over who thought I was taking a break as did her son who was out by the garage. I pointed down and a huge smile was on her face. She said how’d it get way out here? I was puzzled myself and when her son got to us and reached down to pick it up he said wow that’s weird, it must have come off and stepped on when I was stretching the lights out. Now that made more sense. All was thrilled that the mystery of the missing ring was unraveled and now things are really looking a lot like Christmas!