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  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)



Lauren called me around noon on a Tuesday. She had lost her engagement ring and wedding band on Sunday at an event called “Touch a Truck”. A wide variety of trucks, construction equipment, an ambulance, a helicopter, etc. were positioned in a large (over 3 acre) field for the inspection by adults and their children. Lauren and Corey took their young children to see and play on many of the exhibited vehicles. Starting out the adventure, Lauren placed her wedding rings in her pocket before applying sunscreen to the little ones. She also placed her phone in the same pocket. She took many photos of the kids, each time pulling the phone from her pocket. She noticed the rings missing when she returned to the car.

She sent me a map of the event and some photos she had taken. These photos would help me locate the areas where she had taken her phone out of her pocket. Carrie wasn’t feeling well, so I loaded up the equipment and took off alone. I decided first to go for pure luck and make passes the length of the field (600 feet) focusing more on sight than the detector since the area was very trashy with a very noisy detector. Also, the grass was short and not very dense. After a few passes I decided to check the photo and focus on where they were taken, and the phone removed from the pocket. One photo, which turned out to be the first one taken, showed a distinctive lone tree with a tree line behind it. From the photo I sectioned off a possible area where the photo was taken and hopefully the phone was removed from her pocket. I was making my turn to start the final pass in the hunt area and the engagement ring was sitting on top of the ground/grass in full view. I sent a photo to an ecstatic Lauren. Her husband Corey came out to collect the ring and help with analyzing the other photos to look for other hunt areas. After another 2 hours of hunting for the wedding band, I decided to call it a day and come back another time to continue the hunt. Thank you, Lauren, for the generous reward.