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How to Find a Lost Ring in Vehicle

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Shay’s gorgeous diamond engagement ring recovered from a 2017 Ford Escape by metal detectorist and item recovery specialist, Brian Rudolph

Shay shining her smile so brightly after item recovery specialist Brian Rudolph successfully returns to his client the very exquisite family heirloom diamond engagement ring!

How to find a lost ring in a vehicle may sound simple, but it doesn’t always turn out to be as easy as you would think it should be.

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Have you lost a ring in a car, SUV, truck or minivan and you just can’t figure out where the little guy ended up? Search no further for answers! Here is the resolution that you have been looking forward.

My advice to those trying to find their rings inside a vehicle is to check out the international directory of metal detectorists and item recovery specialists called THE RING FINDERS. An expert near you will be able to utilize tools and wisdom gained from prior experiences to help recover your lost item.

Here is an example of how I helped a young lady recover her lost engagement ring that she couldn’t find even after 5 hours of searching!

Shay lost her gorgeous 2 carat diamond engagement ring with a peek-a-boo-bridge filled with .75 carat worth of diamonds. The solitaire diamond was a family heirloom from her fiancé Stephen’s grandmother which was placed in the new setting and band specifically picked out by Shay herself.

Here is the backstory of how Shay’s ring was lost. While teaching her daughter how to drive in her 2017 Ford Escape – Titanium Edition , Shay took off her beautiful engagement ring and placed it in the center console (near the shifter) so that she could apply lotion to her dry hands. As she was in the process of putting the jewel back on her hand, it slipped through her fingers and presumably landed on the floor of the Escape. At that part of the driving lesson, Shay was in the driver seat showing her daughter some important techniques (Note: the car was not in motion when the lotion was applied).

Shay simply pulled the car over in a parking lot somewhere in order to retrieve the ring from the floor carpet beside her feet. When she got out of the vehicle to pick up her precious keepsake, it was nowhere to be found! She and her daughter looked for over five hours for the jewel and curiously they couldn’t locate its whereabouts anywhere! The two of them couldn’t believe it! It was if it magically disappeared into thin air!

When Shay told her fiancé Stephen what had happened, he was beyond upset. He was not only angry because of how expensive this engagement ring was worth, but also because of the sentimental value that the main diamond held knowing that it was a family heirloom.

The distraught young lady called and texted after finding my information on the elite international metal detectorist website directory called THE RING FINDERS. Shay read my profile and learned that I am not only a metal detectorist, but I specialize in finding lost items in very difficult places. One such search site where I have much expertise in recovering lost items happens to be in vehicles! That’s all that Shay needed to know prior to her getting in touch with me.

The two of us worked out a time for me to drive out the following evening to Shay’s Alexandria, Virginia neighborhood to conduct the search. I couldn’t wait to attempt to solve this mystery as to where my client’s beloved diamond ring had ended up.

As soon as I arrived in the parking lot where we agreed to do the recovery operation, I said a prayer with Shay, asking the Lord to help me find the missing family heirloom jewel. My client was extremely nervous and anxious to reclaim her most precious possession since it had been MIA for a couple of days.

Next, I got out of my car all of the necessary gear to conduct the search and then I immediately entered the 2017 Ford Escape from the driver’s side area where Shay had been sitting. At first, I looked at all of the obvious spots where one may just happen to have missed seeing the sought-after object, but there was no ring to be discovered anywhere in plain sight.

As soon as I was certain that we were dealing with a more complicated situation, I turned on my endoscope and began to search every crevice and corner where I could place my “video snake”. Still nothing turned up over the next 20 minutes or so of examining places under the seat, in back of the seat and around the other side of the center console (adjacent to the front passenger seat).

Because I have much experience dealing with search scenarios quite like this one, I know when it’s time to up my game and begin probing in even more unlikely spaces and gaps where a precious piece of metal and stones could possibly be hiding. I’m happy to share that when I reached the 40 minute mark of my “investigation”, my endoscope picked up an image that clearly resembled the object that I was so hoping to discover! I finally found Shay’s gorgeous platinum diamond family heirloom engagement ring! It had fallen between the driver’s side seat and the center console and slipped down into the seam of the carpet where two pieces of rug perfectly overlapped each other! Somehow, the ring made its way between the two pieces and traveled under the carpet and down towards the ventilation ducts that were fastened to the metal flooring of the vehicle! There was no way that any human eye would have ever been able to identify the location of this exquisite piece of beauty with where it ended up!

I could not have been happier for my client when I was able to successfully recover the lost jewel! With the assistance of my favorite hook that I fasten to the end of my probe and then placed down below the intricate seat hardware towards the flooring, I was able to carefully pull the ring out from underneath the flooring and joyfully return it to its rightful owner! Indeed, another fantastic finish!

Shay was blown away by my skills and expertise. Her nightmare was finally over the moment I surprised her with my exciting reveal! Hiring a professional ring finder through THE RING FINDERS website was the only answer to Shay’s very difficult situation!

Now it may be your turn to reach out to an item recovery specialist like myself to solve your mystery of the disappearing ring!


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