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Small Gold Pendant Lost in Sand at Remote Malibu, CA. Beach .. Found with High-Tech Metal Detector

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Timing is important call ASAP .. Stan the Metal Detector Man .. 949-500-2136  ..I Will Answer the Call.

*** Nico’s mother called ma asking about how the metal detecting service works. Most people don’t even know that this type service exists. I asked a few questions about what was lost and generally where the loss occurred. It seemed her son Nico had been at one of the Malibu, CA. Beaches.

He dropped a small gold pendant in the sand and couldn’t find it. The pendant was a gift from his grandmother in Italy. He was very upset because it was such a special gift that he wears daily. I explained to his mother how the service works, giving he assurance that I could find a small gold item in the sand with my equipment. It was very important that he have the location secure till I arrived. The recovery should be quick if he is there to guide me to a small area. 

Everything worked out well, with Nico meeting me at the top of the cliff side beach. We walked down the steep trail to a beautiful secluded beach. I set up my high frequency metal detector to detect a very small gold item. It was a whisper of a signal but enough to alert me to dig with my sand scoop .. YEP! a glimmer of yellow gold in the scoop that was what we were looking for.

Happy, Overjoyed and Relieved that the pendant wasn’t lost forever. Nico and his friends celebrating with high fives.

I WILL TRY ANYWHERE! Call anytime 24/7 for help.. Stan the Metal Detector Man … 949-500-2136