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Surfer lost car key at 17th St. .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found in sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

I just returned from a trip to Honduras. I was checking some of my local beaches for recent sand erosion when I was approached by one of our local lifeguards. He asked if I had time to help a surfer that had dropped his car key in the sand. I told him I was always available and clued him in about on our way to meet Michael.
Although Michael didn’t realize when or where he dropped the single key he was confident that it had to be around the top of the beach, which we refer as the towel line.

Here’s Michael’s story:

Plodding through the sand after a surf, my automobile key somehow slipped out of my wetsuit. After continuously retracing my steps and searching on hands and knees in the sun for over an hour, I was ready to throw in the towel by asking a lifeguard for a phone. We spotted a person, about two-hundred yards away, waving a metal detector left to right, Mr. Stan Ross.

I have always been skeptical of the people who invest hours sifting through the sand; however, Stan made a believer out of me. He was jovial, yet professional, patiently asking questions and easing a stressful situation with understanding and confidence. He was methodical and took the time to interact and explain his strategy. In less than fifteen minutes, to my jubilation, I had the key in hand! If he showed this determination with a key, I would definitely want him on my team if I lost anything of sentimental value. I am very grateful, Mr. Ross, for your generous service.

Michael asked me if he could write me a testimonial. It’s letters like this that make my day. When I started metal detecting back in 1971, I had no idea that I could use my hobby to help people.. The internet also makes this possible.image